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I have only recently discovered the fascinating show on the Food Network channel called Ace of Cakes. This show is a mini documentary series centred around the Charm City Cakes business in Baltimore. The main star of the show is Duff Goldman, seen in the centre of the picture above. Duff is very much the centre of the show being the owner of the shop and the coordinator of all the events they provide cakes for.

The show follows the day to day operation of the store from the planning and creation of the cakes to the delivery to the events. Whether it be in Napa Valley or the other side of the continent.

The show incorporates humour well, creating the illusion that the employees are working as they would do without the cameras being present.
Ace of Cakes is currently in the middle of series 9 which started in July. This series has a huge audience in the US but I believe it will soon catch on in the UK. I only hope that this review of the show will help it along the way.


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  • October 26, 2010 at 7:57 pm

    Charm City Cakes is located in Baltimore, MD


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