Giant Cupcake Cake Tin –

This is my first review on this site and its going to be for a product which has only recently come on the market. The first place I seen this advertised was on the excellent site However at £29.99 you would probably want to read a few reviews before purchasing. Hopefully my bullet point review below will help you with the decision. I try to cover everything I notice, however feel free to add your comments below!


  • I found that the size of the cake tin is a lot bigger than I expected. I managed to get about 10 very good sized servings out of it. Which fits with the product description of 10-12 servings.
  • Due to the depth of the cupcake bottom section the cake stays moist and very tasty. Try adding chocolate chips to your recipe.
  •  Easy to clean! Always a positive when it comes to baking.
  • Top half of cake cooks a lot quicker than the bottom so you will have to cook them both separately as you cant separate the two pans to remove one from the oven.
  • Obviously the price of this is a slight downside if your only going to use it a few times.Although I have found it on Amazon for £23.
  • Not a quick project. Can take up to 3 hours including the decorating etc.
Make your own decision on the above but I found this product generally fine for a novelty cake design and great fun for kids birthdays.


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