Home Made Icing VS Ready Rolled

This is quite a controversial subject for many bakers. In this case I will be reviewing Dr Oetker ready to roll RegalIce icing. I have used this icing several times, all producing perfect results. I myself have found it difficult to make a consistent icing every time I make it from scratch. Although a simple recipe it is hard to perfect.
The ready roll icing comes in 250g, 454g and 1kg rolls. On the side of the pack it illustrates the size of cake which you will be able to cover with each size. This is very useful.
The Icing itself comes in a foil pack which unfortunately isn’t resealable. You must wrap your unused icing in clingfilm and keep it in a cool dry place (not the fridge). I find this keeps the icing workable for about 2 weeks before it begins to harden.
This icing is absolutely brilliant for cutting out icing shapes using pastry cutters to decorate cakes or simple top off your perfect cupcakes. They can even be painted using food colouring. This creates a very impressive and professional finish to any cake.
At between £1 – £2 per roll I would highly recommend stocking up on a few rolls to keep in the cupboard. Trust me they come in handy!


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