Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Nutrition Rocks

Nutrition Rocks is a website which I did not know the existence of until I was contacted a few days ago to write an article on it. Run by Hala El-Shafie, Meg Mathews and their lifestyle team, Nutrition Rocks has been featured in many well known magazines and publications such as Grazia Magazine, Red Magazine, Times on Saturday, Womens Fitness, Stylist Magazine among many many others. The latest celebrity support which Nutrition Rocks has received was from Davina McCall herself. You can watch her video of support on the website by clicking here.
Nutrition Rocks acts as a guide to help us all stay fit and healthy. I found it a brilliant opportunity to promote this idea when I was approached to write this article as I too believe it is incredibly important message.
The website offers excellent advice on how to maintain a balanced lifestyle allowing you to still enjoy lifes little indulgences.
The website also contains information about beauty, fashion and fitness. Nutrition Rocks offers that advice and guidance I am sure a lot of us think we need after the holiday season of indulgences.
Take a read of the website at :


  1. I follow Nutrition rocks on twitter, fantastic motivational tips, excellent posted news articles. In my opinion one of the best to be following!
    @markanddiprince at

  2. Hi,
    There will be plenty more Nutrition Rocks articles as well as some articles we will be writing for their website. Keep posted! :)


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