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OMG Awesome is a blog which i stumbled across recently. As soon as I started reading the articles I knew this was a blog which i needed to bookmark straight away. I love these blogs where you can tell that the author is clearly passionate about writing their food adventures for others to read. The integration of the authors own life into the blog adds to the reading experience and reminds you this person is just living their life doing what they love.
The beauty of this blog is that it contains recipes from creations such as Spicy Turkey Meatballs to Butterscotch Fudge. I’m sure you will agree that is some variation! Not quite knowing what you are going to read about next is one of the main draws of this blog. You just want to check it every few days in case there is another exciting article.
The author makes fantastic use of photos in this blog. These photos truly speak a thousand words. You can almost taste the flavours. The photos are so descriptive in some cases that there is no need to read all of the instructions.
This blog comes with only one warning…….It will make you very very hungry!!


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One thought on “OMG Awesome – Blog Review

  • January 12, 2011 at 3:13 pm

    Thanks for sharing! It does look like this blog has a wide array of recipes to pull from! Yum! ~Kati


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