Kitchen Storage Solutions Over the Christmas Holidays

If you’re like us, from November onwards your cupboards are packed to almost bursting point with food and drink for Christmas. Its not only groceries which fill the cupboards but also lots of kitchen clutter which you want to store away to tidy the kitchen and allow space for your wonderful Christmas decorations, as well as have extra space for holiday storage when the season is over.

We have come up with some fantastic tips to help maximize space in your kitchen and allow you a little more room to move.

  • Don’t forget the top of cupboards. There is a surprising amount of space up there and it doesn’t have to look cluttered either. You have two options here. You can either store bits and pieces in decorative wicker or metal baskets. Or if you prefer a cleaner look you can buy long narrow landscape canvases very cheaply. You can then hide any extra kitchenware or spare dinnerware behind it.
Contemporary design redefined : Modern kitchen by Neptune
  • Shelves Shelves Shelves. If you have deep cupboards, even just one you can achieve so much extra storage by adding some shelves (using sheets made from aluminium) onto the insides of the doors. This is great for spices or even tins of food which otherwise take up a surprising amount of space on conventional cupboard shelves. We love some of the examples of the use of shelves on Homify’s article on kitchen storage.
  • Chopping Boards in Baskets. We have 7 chopping boards (don’t ask!), which could potentially take up a lot of room in a cupboard regardless of how they are stored. The solution is to use a wicker basket if you have plenty of storage space on the floor. Another great place to store chopping boards is on top of the fridge laid flat. As they will mostly remain unseen and you can store something on top of them too. To save space and for cooking efficiency, many are enlisting the help of a vegetable chopper, such as the ones from chop your veggies, instead of having to deal with multiple chopping boards. This is a great way to free up kitchen storage space and avoid the boring task of manually chopping veg!
  • Floating Stools. Stools for kitchen bars don’t need to necessarily sit on the floor and take up space. There are great options for floating stools which attach to walls and then fold away, unseen below the breakfast bar or bench. You can see a great example of these here.
  • Storing Rolls. I don’t know how many times I have opened and cupboard to be hit in the face with a roll of kitchen foil or film. Or jammed a drawer because a roll got stuck at the back. It use to happen almost every day. Until we discovered this great kitchen cheat. Use an office magazine file attached to the back of a door. It holds a surprising number of boxes of rolls and keeps them secured and out of the way. We originally found this on Good Housekeeping here.

These are just some of our top tips which we use ourselves. We’ll be adding to this list as we find and begin to implement more ourselves. If you’ve used all of these but still need space, it might be worth taking anything you don’t need to a storage unit similar to the ones available at different storage facilities in Portage La Prairie.

What are some of your kitchen storage solutions?


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