Get Your Vitamin D Fix

With the lack of sunshine in Northern Ireland normally being all too apparent it doesn’t come as a surprise that we may be difficult to get your Vitamin D fix. This goes for all countries where you might be more use to seeing a clouds than a glowing ball in the sky!

It was reported on many news channels in the UK this week that new official health advice from the government suggest that Brits start taking Vitamin D supplements to make up for the shortfall in vitamin D which we do not get. Especially during the autumn and winter months. You can view the full Health Report here.




So what is Vitamin D?

Vitamin D is produced by our skin when we are exposed to the suns rays. This obviously isn’t possible or less possible during the autumn and winter months. (or if you live in Northern Ireland, most months).
Vitamin D is essential for the absorption of calcium into the body and the regulation of phosphate.

So what if we don’t get enough?

If we do not get enough Vitamin D in our diet (you can find this in foods such as sardines, mackerel, red meat, liver or eggs as a few examples) then it is highly recommended that you take supplements. It is important to opt for Vitamin D3 as the others are normally artificially produced. Personally I do not eat most of the foods high in Vitamin D. And living in Northern Ireland certainly struggle for sunshine most of the year, so I always opt for supplements. The risks for Vitamin D deficiency include Rickets, a bone disease more common in Victorian times. It was almost eradicated completely in the UK in the 1950’s. However there have been more than 450 children admitted to hospital each year recently. In adults lack of Vitamin D can cause pain and muscle weakness and in some cases the adult version of rickets, osteomalacia. Such pains often have people looking into full spectrum cbd to help soothe and ease the swelling that can come with it.

Get Your Vitamin D Fix

The good news is these are extremely cheap and easy to buy on bulk. Most of you know we promote a lot of MYPROTEIN products; this is because of their high quality and reputation. And because we use them ourselves. We wouldn’t recommend them if we didn’t. They sell wonderful softcaps of Vitamin D3 which contain 2500 IU and has 180 servings, with 1 serving needed each day. I find these so easy to swallow compared to the harder type tablets. Softcaps can be quite hard to come across in most pharmacies.
You can of course also find Vitamin D in all local pharmacies and can in some instances get it on prescription from your doctor. If you have any doubts about whether you should be taking vitamin D you should speak to your doctor before taking the supplements.




Hidden Benefits?

Nearly all Vitamins have some sort of hidden benefit other than the obvious ones. Research is continually improving. It is suggested that Vitamin D3 is protective against the effect of multiple diseases and conditions. Such as cancer, diabetes, multiple sclerosis and decreasing your chance of heart disease. It is also suggested that it can help with simply reducing the likelihood of developing flu or a bad cold. (Who wouldn’t want that, right?!) I grew up with bad acne and psoriasis, it is commonly suggested that Vitamin D can greatly improve these conditions, and I can personally speak towards that claim.


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