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We were told about a bingo site at the weekend called Sweetshop Bingo. Being an old fan of GalaBingo from its very beginnings i’ve always been a fan of online bingo. Bingo is great fun but if you don’t have to leave the house to play then its a huge bonus. I’ll be the first to admit playing bingo in my PJ’s.

Sweetshop Bingo, as you may have gathered is themed to a sweet shop. It makes little difference to the games or rules however it’s well designed and looks great. They like pink websites, we like pink websites, we’re all good!



They also have a great offer on at the moment which we used ourselves to sign up. Free £5 upon signup. No need to deposit anything. I’m still playing with my free £5 so you can get a good few games out of that to see what you think.



I get put off a lot of websites by their signup process. Some of them go on and on and on. I was very pleasantly surprised that Sweetshop Bingo only really asked for basic details such as name, address, email and to set a password. To get your £5 bonus you then need to put a card detail in. But no charges get made obviously unless you decide you want to top up your account by any more. I should also mention at this point there is another offer on at the moment which they will give you 300% bonus on your first topup. So i’m thinking of doing this myself. That would certainly give you enough money to play with for a few weeks if not months.



The menu systems are really nice to look at, well designed and well laid out. I have a massive pet hate for badly designed gaming websites. With Sweetshop Bingo you’ve created an account and you’re sitting in front of your bingo ticket in no time! There always some 24/7 games running and lots of special games which take place at specific times. The specific time games have very good prizes indeed. Some of which seem to exceed £1000! Wouldn’t that be nice to win!

Once you find a room you want to sit in. You can buy your tickets in seconds then just wait for the game to begin. It really is that simple. The tickets auto daub by default so you can sit back and watch the action. It gets very exciting when you start seeing your numbers being called!




This will be a bingo site I know I will return to for a few games when I want to play bingo. There are also special free rooms you can go to so keep an eye out for those.








This post, although it was written completely by us is sponsored. We do have an account with Sweetshop Bingo and do use the service. So we do recommend this bingo site to you from our own experience too. We do our best to limit any sponsored activity but this is sometimes necessary to allow us to continue to operate and grow. 



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