7 Benefits of Cornish Pasties

<This is a contributed post> The Cornish pasty is one of the traditional food that is unforgotten. It is the food that miners’ wives made for husbands who have to depart to a long distance to work. Not only it is a food that is packed with warmth` but it is also nutritious at the same time. The following are 7 benefits of Cornish pasties by post.

1. Keep You, Full

Cornish pasties are made with beef, potato, onion, and swede. If no meat is available, then only potato and swede are used. As you can see, it has protein and carbohydrates enough to keep you full. One large Cornish pasty is equal to 3 meals a day. You can divide a large Cornish pasty into 3 portions to be eaten at three different times in a day.

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2. Have Self Insulation

The Cornish pasty is self-insulated and will be kept warm on its own when you put it in the pocket. Therefore, there is no need to heat it when you want to eat it at your mealtime. It will still be warm as if it is just taken out of the oven. Eating the Cornish pasty will give the worker the energy that is needed to complete the work for the rest of the day.

3. A Healthier Option Than Most Fast Food

Cornish pasties are made of simple ingredients which makes them much healthier than other fast food. It is stuffed with real vegetables, not just lettuce leaves and tomatoes as in fast food burgers. The swede fillings are enriched with calcium which is good for building the bone. It does not have all the artificial ingredients like msg, and ketchup sauce which is bad for health.

4. Suitable for Hospital Patients

Cornish pasties are a suitable food to introduce for patients in the hospital as it is well balanced with all the essential nutrients. The recipe can be altered to lower fat, salt, and calorie version to meet the needs of the patients. It is tasty and will perk up the mood of the patients. They don’t have to be served with plain food which is often served for patients. The Cornish pasty is recommended for obese people who are planning to lose weight.

5. Can Be Prepared in Many Versions

Cornish pasties can be prepared in many ways. In modern times, people have altered the recipe to suit their own needs, for example, beef is substituted with chicken or pork meat, and swede is substituted with turnip or carrots. It can also be prepared as a dessert with a little jam and fruit inside. You can add leftovers from your meal to the pasties. It is important to seal the ingredients with gravy in the final step. The Cornish pasty is also a great snack to be eaten with cream teas.

6. Designed With Crimped Edges

The Cornish pasty is designed with crimped edges to allow the miners to hold on to it without contaminating it during eating. The hands of the miners are usually dirty and covered with soots that are arsenic. After eating the contents, the crimped edges which had come in contact with the arson are discarded.

7. It is Portable

The Cornish pasty is a portable fast food that is easy to carry with you while you are on the go. It is small enough for you to put in the pocket. You can eat half and then wait for a few hours before eating the other half. The food will not get contaminated as the skin of the pasty can seal back on its own. It is handy for working people who are too busy to go to the restaurant to eat their meals.

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