How to organise your home

<This is a collaborative post> A tidy home can help to reduce your stress levels and improve your mood. Nobody wants to walk into a messy home after a long day at work. You want to come home to a clean kitchen and ambiently lit living room. You can sink into the sofa, eat your dinner and enjoy some relaxation time. Of course, most evenings rarely go that way and all too often, we spend our free time battling a mountain of washing up.

Here are a few ways you can keep your home organised and clean, without too much effort.

Clean every day

Little and often is the key to a clean home. Tidy up after yourself when you make your meals and put your clothes back in the wardrobe instead of on the floor. It takes time to change these annoying habits, but you will eventually notice a difference in your space. You don’t need to spend a whole day tackling the laundry basket if you do it throughout the week. Stay on top of your household jobs and make things easier for yourself. If you see a mark on the kitchen counter, wipe it immediately instead of waiting for it to stain.

Ask everyone to pitch in

If you live in a family home or with housemates, everyone should do their part. Split the household chores equally so your children can learn how to take care of a home. Take turns cooking each night and split the cleaning responsibilities. If you have younger children, teach them how to do household chores from a young age. Little things like asking them to press the dishwasher’s ‘on’ button can make them feel included.

Make storage functional

You need enough storage in your home to accommodate all of your belongings. Everything should have a place – whether it’s your painting set or kitchen bowls. Sliding wardrobes maximise the space available and keep all of your clothing in one place. Multi-use furniture is perfect for smaller homes with a lot of stuff. You can store spare linen and Christmas decorations under your bed – instead of in the kitchen cupboard. Find a storage system that works for your home and make some adjustments if needed.

Have a plan

Create an organisational chart to help you track the household duties. You can schedule a time to declutter your home office or kitchen at the weekend. You could create a chore chart for the kids with gold stickers.

Having a rotating schedule can work well with housemates as everyone will know when they’re expected to contribute. Dividing tasks such as taking out the bins, hoovering and cleaning the bathroom makes sure nobody is burdened with too man jobs.

Make cleaning and tidying a part of your daily routine at home.

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