Cupcakes VS Muffins

This obviously comes down to many factors. So let the battle commence…..
Cupcakes have become well known for being the dainty, highly decorated treated served at parties or gatherings. Whereas muffins tend to be something you have with your coffee  in the mornings to kick start your day.  Im glad to see some of the smaller coffee shops beginning to stock more highly decorated and attractive cupcakes.
In a lot of cases (but defiantly not all) cupcakes consist of pure cake with the decoration on top adding the extra flavouring. Muffins however tend to more commonly contain the flavours or fillings inside the actual muffin mix. This I believes leads to muffins being a lot more moist compared to cupcakes.
Cupcakes are quickly becoming a way for bakers to show off their talents, with many creating what can only be described as works of art, almost too good to eat.
A lot of high street chains and fast food outlets choose to stock muffins as they are simple and fast for them to bake in store from ready mixed batter. This obviously doesn’t have the loving touch which comes from the passionate cupcake baker.
It is therefore why I believe cupcakes win this battle, with more time and love going into them, to me this makes them taste even better!


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