We are a small business with limited income from sales or affiliate marketing. It is therefore necessary for us to carry out and pursue paid advertising work to enable BakingBar to remain operational and allow us to grow.

Unless specifically stated, you should assume that content including brand names or brand advertising is part of one or multiple of the below contexts. In most cases this will be ‘In Kind’ promotions.


Paid Content – Typically paid content will take the form of advertising, sponsorship or ‘in kind’…

Advertising = A brand / business assumes complete editorial control in return for payment

Sponsorship = A brand / business assumes partial editorial control in return for payment

In Kind = A brand / business provides goods / services in return for editorial, for which you maintain full editorial control.


We also occasionally share affiliate links on our website, specifically within our gift guides. This is not applicable for all brands mentioned. Where commissions are obtained from your purchases we are hugely grateful and you can know you have went towards supporting our dream.

We also serve GoogleAds on our website. These are automated using a complicated delivery system including collecting your cookies and serving up ads which it thinks you would like to see, as well as ads related to the content of the particular page you are viewing. We have no control at all over which ads are served.


Thank you so much for support us and continuing to read our recipes and features on our website.