The Tower Ozone 50L Recycling Sensor Bin – Review

We love to think that we recycle as much as possible but we’ll hold our hands up and admit that sometimes we get lazy, sometimes things end up in the general waste bin and its bad. So when Tower asked us if we wanted to try their recycling sensor bin we jumped at the chance to up our recycling game!

The Tower Ozone 50L Recycling Sensor Bin is an exceptional choice for households looking to streamline their waste management while contributing to environmental sustainability. This cutting-edge sensor bin stands out with its dual-compartment design, enabling effortless separation of recyclables from general waste—each compartment holds 25 liters, making it perfect for busy family kitchens or offices.

What sets the Tower Ozone Sensor Bin apart is its sophisticated sensor technology, which allows for a touch-free experience. The sensor efficiently detects movement within 10-15 cm, automatically opening the lid to ensure a hygienic waste disposal process. This feature not only prevents the spread of germs but also keeps your kitchen odor-free by sealing in unpleasant smells when the lid closes automatically after use.

Constructed from high-quality stainless steel, this bin is designed to last. Its sleek, modern look is available in two colors, black and silver, making it a versatile addition that complements any kitchen décor. The stainless steel is also fingerprint-proof, ensuring that the bin maintains its clean appearance without the constant need for wiping down.

Energy efficiency is another key feature of the Tower Ozone Bin. It operates on AA batteries, providing long-lasting power for the sensor mechanism. We’ve now moved to completely rechargeable batteries instead of one time use. The convenience extends to maintenance as well; the bin includes a removable ring liner that holds trash bags securely in place and simplifies the task of changing bags. But you don’t have to use bags of course as we know that also contributes to waste plastic.

For those concerned with space and cleanliness, the compact design of the Tower Ozone makes it ideal for smaller kitchens, while still offering a substantial total capacity of 50 liters. The non-skid base is a thoughtful addition that prevents the bin from sliding around, making it safe even on slippery surfaces. One feature I love is the small wheels on the pull out bottom drawer of the bin. This prevents it dragging on the kitchen floor reducing the chance of any scrapes (and just generally making it easier to pull out!)

In summary, the Tower Ozone 50L Recycling Sensor Bin is a smart investment for anyone looking to upgrade their kitchen with a stylish, functional, and hygienic waste disposal solution. It is a testament to how modern technology can be used to support eco-friendly practices effectively.

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