5 Foods That Naturally Whiten Teeth

Let’s face it, we all just love eating. However, we can easily lose sight of how too much of anything may be bad for us. Yes, we’re talking about weight and cholesterol but let us not forget about our teeth. It’s a fact that some foods may cause teeth to decay as well as lose their shine. That’s why a lot of people go to dentists regularly to get their teeth checked. You could easily go to someone like this Dentist Fort Wayne, however, it just depends on where you live because obviously if you didn’t live in the USA then this would be quite far. There are various cosmetic treatments available from your own dentist to help you whiten your teeth, from veneers to special gels. However, we know this isn’t for everyone and can often be an expensive option.

In this post we will take a look at some foods which are healthy, not only because our bodies thrive on them, but also because they’re good for our teeth. It is worth noting that having whiter teeth is not the only way you can improve the appearance of your teeth. It is known that veneers can protect the elevate the appearance of cracked teeth. This may be something you want to speak to your dentist about. If you’re in the manchester UK area, fold dentistry is worth checking out. A friend said they were the best cosmetic dentist manchester.

1. Raisins

Somehow we want to believe that raisins, which are sweet and sugary, will be bad for our teeth. Yes, sugar is a culprit when it comes to dental health since it causes cavities, but raisins actually contain oleanolic acid which is a great weapon in fighting certain bacteria which causes tooth decay and plaque build-up on our teeth. Chewing raisins creates saliva, which in turn helps to neutralise the negative effects caused by stain-forming foods.

2. Cheese

Effective in fighting tooth decay, it was found that cheese such as cheddar, for instance, stimulates saliva production which helps to protect and clean the enamel surface on our teeth. Higher Ph levels, which are believed to fight tooth decay, also help to protect the teeth and keep them healthy. Additionally, the lactic acid in cheese also helps to protect them against harmful bacteria.

3. Pineapples

Pineapples naturally contain the enzyme bromelain, which according to dental studies has both anti-inflammatory and cleansing agents. Bromelain, which is found in certain toothpastes is known to help remove the stains on our teeth. This means they can make a good follow up after you find out how long do crest white strips take to work to keep those teeth shiny. The whole of the fruit is good for us: the flesh, the stem as well as the leaves. It does its job without causing any harm to the ever-important enamel on our teeth.

4. Strawberries

Unlike other darker berries such as blueberries (which are healthy for us and belong to the group of super foods) strawberries do not stain our teeth. Strawberries contain malic acid which helps fight bacteria that attacks the teeth and mouth. You can also make a paste of a few strawberries. Rub this paste over your teeth and leave for a few minutes and then thoroughly rinse with water. Over time you may notice that your teeth have become shinier.

5. Broccoli

An acid-resistant coating is formed on the teeth when we bite into broccoli; therefore this vegetable helps fight acidity on the enamel on our teeth in a natural way. The high iron levels found in broccoli form this coating. To help keep our teeth healthy, it is best is to eat this green vegetable raw. Raw broccoli also helps to polish the teeth and help keep them beautifully shiny.

So, no more excuses now! If these tips don’t help you, you could always visit a dentist such as San Diego cosmetic dentist to get your teeth professionally whitened. You could even consult your dentist if you have a concern or worry about your teeth and get their advice. Go out today and stock up on the above fruit and vegetable. You could also opt for carrots, celery, apples and cauliflower, which are also good for your teeth!


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