Want to Amp Up The Style of Your Staircase? Do This

“Life is like climbing the stairs to the end. Why not make it colorful?”

Staircases are overlooked more than often. People think the staircase as a transitional place and do not care to style it up. But, this has immense possibilities and can make a bold décor statement.  Here are some inspiring decorating ideas that can put the staircase in the right glory.

1.  Painting improves the staircase

Painting is the most basic way to style up the staircase. This is particularly useful when you want to keep the steps bare. Paint the staircase in bold colors to add a great depth. Use a single color or combination of colors depending on your décor theme.

Also, paint the railings. Painting the staircase in black is also a great idea. This accents the staircase and opens up the other areas as well. Better use washable paints. These make cleaning easy.

2.  Cover the staircase with a carpet

Covering the staircase with a carpet makes it warm and cozy. A staircase covered with carpet creates a nice pattern and makes the guests wow. This also reduces the noise of the footsteps for climbing up and going down.  Being soft, a carpet makes the staircase reasonably safe when you have kids.

There are two ways to do this: full covering and carpet runners.  In the full carpet option, every inch of the stair is covered.  This can hide the flaws. It is a perfect décor option of a non-appealing staircase.

The runners cover the middle and let the edges visible. This is less costly and easier to install than the full carpet option. Covering the staircase with a bold runner draws the eyes towards it.  Choose a carpet that aligns with the overall decoration for both of the options. They will make the staircase interesting by adding texture.

3.  Decorate it with wallpaper

When painting the staircase is not in your list of options, you may use wallpapers. Adding these on the risers makes the staircase creative. You can use a single pattern or may go for different wallpaper patterns. This will pop up the staircase. With every step, you can see the design on the risers.

4. Lighting can elevate the staircase

Lighting the staircase serves two purposes. It makes the staircase safe and also adds to the décor. One way to style it is to have a hanging decorative pendant or a chandelier. This makes the staircase graceful. You can also light the staircase up with concealed LED lights on the rails. Installing LED lights on the wall also makes the staircase glow.

5.  Spruce the staircase up with artworks

If you cannot do much to improve the look, then update the boring stairs with artworks. This can be achieved very easily. Simply hang some artworks on the wall surrounding it. This may include anything from your family photos to abstract arts. Depending on your décor theme you can also create a gallery wall. This will give a new look to the staircase.


6.  Stenciling patterns take to a new level

Stenciling the staircase is a brilliant way to update the same. A large variety of stencils are available in the market in a myriad of designs. This includes geometric patterns, strips, and funny figures. Choose anything that complements your décor plan, and paint them on the rises. This will make the staircase pop. Alternatively, you may also use decals.

7.  Get creative with the handrail

The handrail can also make a strong décor statement.  You can change it to metals to give a lustrous feeling. Rope handrails are cute and have the power to uplift the staircase. Install one such additionally on the wall. This is very easy to do.  Fix some decorative wall brackets to hold the knotted rope in position. This will make the staircase magical.

8.  Number the stairs

Numbering the steps can improve a plain staircase. These can be either stenciled, or you can also glue or screw them on the rises. Better choose different fonts and styles for different numbers.  Do not fix them in a line. This will create an interest. Paint them in multiple colors. They will instantly make the stairs pop.

9. Trick with color

When you do not like covering or leaving the staircase plain, tricky painting can improve the staircase. Paint the staircase throughout the middle leaving the two sides bare. This will create an illusion of a carpet runner.   Make this runner paint artistic if you have a long staircase. This will relieve everyone from the strain of climbing.

10. Style it up with fake greens

Styling up the staircase with fake bushes and trees is a thoughtful choice. These can be placed on the staircase landings. Unlike the live bushes, they need no maintenance to keep them alive. No trimming or pruning is also required to keep them in shape.

The green artificial plants and trees are available in many variants. They include boxwood topiaries, artificial foliage, window boxes, hanging baskets etc. These are made from prime quality raw materials. They are so stunningly realistic that it is really hard to spot them visually.  

You can use the topiary artificial plantsfor revamping the staircase. Coming in adorable shapes, sizes, and styles; these can bring in a structural feeling to the staircase. Place them at the foot of the stairs or on the landing, they will spruce it up.

Being impregnated with UV blocking chemicals, the fake topiary plants never fade. These are also independent of the seasonal variations and can add some spark and creativity. Their standard bases allow easy installation.

The artificial boxwood is great to make the staircase pop with color. Since these do not attract insects, they deliver a safe environment.


A staircase is basically functional and may not be the most favored part.  Still, it has to be decorated to get a spotless interior. You may try the above tips regardless of the size of your house. This will create a personal space to go up in style.


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