Marche Dimanche – By Hillary Davis

This is one of the most fabulous websites I have come across in quite some time!
Hillary Davis is simply an exquisite writer when it comes to food. Her language and conversational tone make easy yet informative reading. Hillary is well travelled and an experienced food writer in many countries. She really has made a career out of doing something she loves!
Not only does Hillary write but she also creates many videos which are all on her YouTube channel. I am determined to watch them all as they are so interesting and i recommend you do the same! Hillary has had the pleasure to interview or be taught by many famous cooks such as Patricia Wells. As well as being interviewed herself many many times.

Hillary truely is a woman after my own heart. Check out her website at : http://marchedimanche.typepad.com/marche-dimanche/

This website is guaranteed to get your mouth watering with the scrumptious write-ups of all the places which Hillary visits.
Once you start reading or watching Hillary’s many articles you will find yourself completely absorbed in a world of utter food bliss and knowledge. I find many of the videos so interesting as we simply do not have the same food culture in the UK.


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