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Raspberry Ruffles

Raspberry Ruffles played a large part in my childhood so we have come up with a recipe which re-creates this classic. For those who do not know what a Raspberry Ruffle is, it is best described as having a sugary raspberry coconut filling covered in dark chocolate. The flavour combination is unforgettably delicious and you’ll have yourself experimenting in making raspberry ruffle ice cream next.

The making of these fantastic chocolates is surprisingly simple and very quick.


The Ingredients:
175ml Evaporated Milk (Carnation is best)
175g Desiccated Coconut
1 Sachet (Approx 23g) of Raspberry Jelly Crystals
70g Icing Sugar
300g Good Quality Dark Chocolate

The How-To:
In a large bowl combine the coconut, jelly crystals and icing sugar.
Mix in the evaporated milk.
Continue to stir the ingredients together until they are thoroughly combined. Don’t worry you cant over stir.
You’ll start to smell a gorgeous raspberry scent by now…..resist temptation…and no the florescent pink colour shown in the picture below has not been altered in any way, it really is this colour without adding any artificial colours.
Pour the mixture into a baking tray and press out until approx 1 inch thick all over.
Place the baking tray in the fridge for 1 hour to allow it to harden and set. If you can leave it a bit longer it helps.
Melt the dark chocolate in a glass bowl above a simmering saucepan of boiling water.
Now you have two decisions depending on how you want the Raspberry Ruffles presented. You can either pour the dark chocolate over the Raspberry Ruffle mixture in the baking tray, therefore creating a tray bake style Raspberry Ruffle. Or you can cut the Raspberry Ruffle mixture into squares and dip into the chocolate.
If you choose the latter method it is a little messy but it creates wonderful individual chocolates which make excellent gifts. A top tip is to work quickly so the Raspberry Ruffle does not fall apart in the chocolate.
Place the tray bake or individual chocolates back into the fridge until the chocolate hardens.
Demarle make a fantastic product called the RoulPat which is essentially a non stick workstation to put on top of your kitchen worktop, this is excellent for working with these chocolates.
You’re Done!


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  • Ruth Harison

    What are raspberry jelly crystals?

    • Hi Ruth, You should be able to find them in large supermarkets. There are two types of Jelly. There is Jelly ‘Jelly’ which are blocks of Jelly which is concentrated and you dissolve and then there are jelly crystals. This recipe calls for jelly crystals. They are normally in sachets and the same companies usually make both types. Hope this helps and you can find them!

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