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Marks and Spencer’s Tastes of the British Isles Chocolates and Treats

We are massive supporters of British food, both traditional and modern. We were absolutely delighted when we discovered Marks and Spencer’s new Tastes of the British Isles range. What an incredible range this is. Covering everything from sweets, biscuits, cakes and chocolates!

We decided to take a sneak peak at this new range and present to you some of our favourites.

The first item we came across was a selection of packs of fudge. There were three varieties that once we spotted we knew we would love, and we weren’t disappointed! Our favourite fudge was the British Clotted Cream and Strawberry Fudge which is deliciously soft fudge with Dorset clotted cream and strawberry pieces. They just melt in your mouth. We also tried the Peaches and Cream Fudge which is similar but with a wonderfully unique flavour reminiscent of summer. It really does give you an enticing longing for the summer months to arrive. I must remember to get an air conditioning unit before the warm weather gets here! Do you remember Coconut Ice from your childhood? If you were born and raised in the British Isles you are likely to have been treated to Cocount Ice in the local sweet shop. Marks and Spencer’s have brought back this wonderful childhood treat in the form of their Strawberries and Cream Coconut Ice.

Still on the topic of sweets we also spotted British Fruit Jellies which contain jelly sweets in a range of wonderful British flavours including rhubarb, blackcurrant, strawberry and gooseberry. Also in the range is the bag of Fizzy Pop Sweets. Not boring cola bottles but a wonderful mixture of fizzy jelly sweets in the flavours of ginger beer, pink lemonade, cola and cherryade. All gelatine free! We also enjoyed the Fruit Crumbles which are a wonderful combination of strawberry, rhubarb and blackberry flavour fondant sweets which crumble and melt in your mouth.

We all love a biscuit with a cup of tea but it does get rather boring eating the same biscuits over and over again. Marks and Spencer’s have decided to put a twist to that and have created a series of wonderful biscuits this summer. Our favourites are the All Butter Battenburg Square biscuits and All Butter Roly Poly Swirls. Not only do they look like their original creations but they taste great too!

You also cannot have a proper tea party without a good cookie! Marks and Spencer’s have thought of that too and released a new range of amazing cookies. Honestly these need to be tried as words will struggle to explain how good these are. We tried the American Style Raspberry, Belgium White Chocolate and Coconut Cookies and the American Style Salted Caramel and Belgium Milk Chocolate Chunk Cookies. Oh and did we mention, they are giant cookies!

We all love something traditional too though so Marks and Spencer’s have also released wonderfully decadent Scottish All Butter Toffee and Pecan Shortbread Rounds which are actually baked in Scotland to their exclusive recipe. Add to that the gorgeously presented box of Fruit Creams which are all individually wrapped chocolate coated fruit creams in flavours blackcurrant, strawberry, rhubarb and damson. Damson is so often forgot about but we love its delicate flavour in tea or these fruit creams.

Now for something a little different…… Marks and Spencer’s have created a range of treats. They all range in flavour and texture but our favourites in the range were Rhubarb and Custard which comprises of freeze dried rhubarb and wheat crispies with custard flavoured white chocolate. We LOVE these with yoghurt! We also tried and enjoyed the Earl Grey Almonds which are Earl Grey flavour white chocolate coated caramelised almonds. There’s lots to choose from in this range so do check them out in store.

We love the wonderfully Hipster Sweet ‘Stache box which is full of jellies in the flavours of blackcurrant, cola, lemon and orange. We’d happily eat these all day long, of course wearing each moustache before eating them…

No party is complete without cake. Marks and Spencer’s have of course remembered this fact and released an exciting range of new cakes in the theme of Tastes of the British Isles. We saved our waistline by only having one but we think we chose well. We chose to try the Rhubarb and Custard Cake which words do not need to describe. Moist, delicious and perfectly balanced flavour is all you need to know to make this decision.

Mini Tartlets…. Mini only in size not flavour. Marks and Spencer’s released two amazing mini tartlets in the flavours of Lemon Meringue and Hand-crafted Eton Mess Tartlets. These are so cute and absolutely gorgeous.

We’ll finish off with a big finale…. Chocolates in the flavours of all our favourite British Puddings. With flavours such as sticky toffee pudding, parkin, rhubarb crumble, banoffee pie and many many more to choose from you will be spoilt for choice.


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