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Fathers Day 2015 Gift Guide

We all know what its like, Father’s Day sneaks up on you.
You’re stuck for gift ideas. What does he want, what does he need. Ahhh! That
is why we have decided to put together one of our Fathers Day Gift Guides. We love sharing
with you what we think you should buy your father this Father’s Day.
Something that didn’t make the list but probably should’ve been included is a personalized photo lighter. If your Dad is a smoker, then this could be the perfect gift, and one that you know he’ll use. He has too, right? It has your face on after all. He’s sure to appreciate anything you buy him though. Anyway, let’s get back to that list…

Marks and Spencer’s
Marks and Spencer’s as usual have a fab range of Father’s
Day gifts so the options are almost endless. However we have put together a
small selection which we will be giving to our own fathers this year. The first
item we spotted was the beautifully designed and presented A Very British
Chocolate Story. This is in theory a box of chocolates with a story. Marks and
Spencer’s have carefully chosen each item to feature to tell the history of
chocolate. We won’t spoil the surprise too much but two of the options are Tea
or Coffee Ganaches. Delicious. Marks and Spencer’s have also created mini
celebration cakes in the form of the Norfolk Ale Cake. Plump juicy sultanas
soaked in Marks and Spencer’s Norfolk Ale and baked into a lightly fruited cake
topped with marzipan and soft icing. If you want to get you father a bit of a
selection and he is a fan of chocolates we have the perfect suggestions. How about
the Selection of Chocolates which comprises of things such as milk chocolate
covered pretzels or milk chocolate covered butterscotch pieces. Whats not to
love! Or how about some Sweet’Stache’s? Blackcurrant, cola, orange and lemon
flavoured jelly sweets. Marks and Spencer’s also have on offer a pack of
Crunchy Peanut Brittle or how about some beautifully packaged Single Malt
Whiskey Truffles. All available in store now.
Whittard of Chelsea
We love Whittard of Chelsea’s illustrious and long history
as one of the most prestigious suppliers of tea and coffee products. Keeping in
the theme of coffee the perfect gift is the AeroPressCoffee Maker. This is a wonderful device that we actually reviewed
last year. It conveniently works by pushing the filtered coffee through the
paper filter leaving you with a hockey puck looking block of coffee waste. If
you need some coffees to use with the AeroPress look no further than the Worldof Coffee selection box. Containing coffee, like the name says, from all
around the world. From Columbia to Ethiopia.
We just love our Sponsor MYPROTEIN’s new clothing range. And
this is perfect for any father who is into training. Everyone is into training
these days whether its professionally or just when you have time. MYPROTEIN’s
clothing range suits all levels of training whether its weightlifting or going
for casual jogs. We absolutely love MYPROTEIN’s new SleevelessHoodies. Or how about some stylish jogging bottoms in either slimfit
or regular.
If he already has all the training gear he needs why not help him out with his
supplements. MYPROTEIN always have great offers on all their supplements. We
even have some great discount codes you can use. Why not take a look at the
HUGE range of flavours of WheyProtein.
Neato –
Botvac 85
The Neato Botvac85 has become one of the most
regularly used household appliances in our home. We do prize ourselves as
having a smart home and we’re always looking for the latest smart home technology at places like Sereola Technologies. Smart home technology is always changing and evolving, it’s amazing! However the Botvac is so intelligent itself that it
requires very little knowledge of how it works. You can simply let it get on
with its business and you get on with yours. If you’re interested in smart technology, check out Smart AC Control too, it’s been a life saver in the warm weather!
The basics
of how the device works is that it has a laser built into the top of the robot.
When your Botvac leaves its home base (where it lives and charges) on one of
its missions (whether manually told to start or scheduled via the timer) it
scans the room with the laser, identifying any big obstacles and the general
shape of the room. It then sets out to clean the room systematically. It then
moves onto other rooms if you leave the doors open. A whole apartment cleaned
in one go….amazing! The Botvac is a little genius when it comes to avoiding
smaller obstacles too such as cat food bowls or shoes, or even you! It simply
adjusts its course.
baking means that the kitchen is continuously being subjected to a bombardment
of kitchen debris but the Botvac has been an amazing help in the kitchen,
completely eliminating crumbs or other kitchen debris which results in baking
or even cooking. Whether the debris is sugar, oats, flour or just general
crumbs the Botvac has no trouble at all in lifting these. The spinning brush on
the side of the Botvac works wonders at pulling any debris away from the wall
or kitchen kickboards and into the path of the brush blades and vacuum. The
vacuum power of this robot is something I would like to particularly mention as
some people have commented upon seeing the Botvac that it may just be a novelty
or a toy but we can assure you this is not the case. The Botvac has not
struggled with lifting anything we have put in its path. It has found debris in
our carpet that even our big brand name standup vacuum didn’t lift. This amazes
The Botvac
is worth every penny of its price in our opinion. Another great point is that
you can update the software of the Botvac when it becomes available by
connecting it to a PC. You’ll soon grow to love your Botvac’s personality and
you’ll soon find a name for it too. Ours is called ‘Crumbs’. What will you call
yours? You can purchase a Botvac from numerous suppliers in the UK, you can
find the list on their website. Prices around £449.
You can
read our full review of the Neato Botvac 85 here.
Wifi Kettle
As we have told you before we are keen adopters of new
technology in our home especially if it makes our lives any easier. The Wi-Fi
Kettle is simply a piece of technology that works so beautifully well that it
is a pleasure to use. There are loads of reviews available on all kinds of domestic products, like an instant kettle as well as a Wi-Fi kettle, so make sure you read them before making any purchases. First of all let us explain what a Wi-Fi kettle is as it sounds like something the
Jetsons would perhaps have in their home. The kettle itself is cordless as most
are these days and it has a base which plugs into mains power. This base is
connected to your homes Wifi. Don’t worry, it’s not complicated at all to set
up! All you need to do is download the relevant app for your phone either from
the Apple app store or Google Play app store and follow the very simple setup
instructions. It then connects the base to your Wi-Fi. Then the fun begins! The
app has several different functions. The first simply being the ability to boil
the kettle at either 65, 80, 95 or 100 degrees Celsius depending on what type
of beverage you are making. We must admit to mostly using the 100 degrees
selection. The app also allows you to
trigger the ‘keep warm’ function to keep the water at the set temp for a set
range of time. The app will then notify you when the boil cycle has finished
and remind you to refill your kettle. You soon get use to refilling it each
time you use it ensuring you can turn it on via the app without worrying
whether it has enough water in it. The second functionality of the app is the
Wake up Mode. You can set your phone to notify you in the morning when you wake
up and ask whether you want to stick the kettle on. How cool is that! But the
best is yet to come….The Home Mode enables your phone to detect when you arrive
within range of your homes Wi-Fi network and then trigger a popup message on
your phone welcoming you home and asking if you would like to stick the kettle
on. Amazing!!! These two additional modes are completely optional so you don’t
have to use them if you don’t want. Of course if you are old school you can
boil the kettle by pressing the button on the base station. But why would you
want to do that when you have a cool shiny new app to play with. The kettle
itself is designed with a modern stylish kitchen in mind. The sleek stainless
steel design is an icon of beauty in the kitchen. If you don’t fancy the
minimalist look of the stainless steel body of the kettle or fancy something a
bit different the designers have thought of this too. There are a range of
‘skins’ available for the kettle in a multitude of colours meaning your kettle
will never become boring again. We have to admit this is one of the coolest
pieces of kitchen tech we have come across so far and it is an absolute
pleasure to use in our home. Priced at £99 and available from a multitude of
suppliers in the UK including Amazon, PC World, Currys, Firebox and John Lewis.
You can check out all the details on their own website.
Innis and Gunn Beer
Innis and Gunn has quickly become our favourite beer to both
drink and bake with. If you are regular readers of BakingBar’s recipes you will
have seen us using the various varieties of Innis and Gunn beer. Innis and Gunn
is based in Edinburgh and the beer is brewed in Glasgow. A lot of time, love
and thought goes into the development of the different varieties which they
create. Innis and Gunn have released a special Summer Sharing Pack ( £10) perfectly presented to be given as a
wonderful Fathers Day present for that beer lover in your life. If you’re looking for
something for an Innis and Gunn beer fan (which you will soon become after
tasting it) there is a wide variety of gift items also available including T-shirts ( £16)
and our favourite Innis and Gunn Genuine Cask Head ( £60) perfect for
hanging in your mancave or kitchen.


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