Foolproof Bread Machine White Loaf

We do not always have time to make bread from scratch, as relaxing and rewarding as it is. However a lot of us have bread machines relegated to the back of a kitchen cupboard after a few uses. Over the next few months we’re going to be sharing some great bread machine recipes including this Foolproof Bread Machine White Loaf recipe. This will hopefully get your bread machine back into action.

The smell of bread baking, even just proving is irresistible. In fact it is said that the smell of freshly baking or baked bread can make house hunters more likely to fall in love with your home. I certainly connect the smell with home and childhood memories.




This Foolproof Bread Machine White Loaf recipe is super simple, the most difficult part is melting the butter, honestly! There’s no ingredients which are hard to find, in fact you probably have all of them already.


The Ingredients:

330ml Cold Water

1.5tbsp Melted Butter

2tsp Caster Sugar

1tsp Salt

1.25tsp Bread Machine Yeast

510g Strong Bread Flour


Recommended Equipment:

We use our trusty Judge Bread Machine

Heston Blumenthal Dual Platform Precision Scale







The How-To:

Place all the above ingredients into the bread machine loaf tin in the order in which they are written.




Ensure the water is cold, not room temperature warm. Ensure the butter is melted but not very hot.

Set your bread machine to 1.5lb loaf with a light crust. This should be perfect for this recipe.

Allow your bread machine to complete its cycle.

You’re Done!





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  • Natalie

    I have just used this recipe and it came out perfect. Can you use the same recipe for wholemeal flour?

    • Thanks for using my recipe. Yes that should be fine! 🙂

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