Vornado – Own The Fan That Started It All

With Britain and some of the USA enjoying a heat wave at the moment we thought it was about time we got a fan for the house. With the humid days and nights air just wasn’t moving around the house, it felt horrible. We’re so passionate about sharing with you new products which we come across and start using ourselves.

Introducing you to one of our favourite air circulator brands, Vornado. The forerunner of the Vornado company which produced the first VFANS  was established in 1945 in the USA and has grown ever since. Their iconic design fans are well known worldwide. We were lucky to get the chance to try ‘the fan that started it all’, inspired directly from the original Vornado Fan design, the VFAN. A wonderful retro piece that will fit into any home no matter how it is furnished. The fan uses unique technology and design to provide you with the very best air circulation in your home.




So who are Vornado? A brand more commonly known in the USA, simply because the company was born there. However Vornado is a brand with an international reputation for quality and design.

Where Did Vornado Come from?

Before WW2 inventor Ralph K. Odol began to experiment with unique aerodynamics that increased the efficiency and performance of standard propeller planes. Yes planes, not fans. He met entrepreneur O. A. Sutton but the war came along and attention was drawn to more important things.  In the late 1940’s after the war had ended O. A. Sutton formed the company which produced the very first Vornado Fans in Wichita.




What Makes Vornado Fans Different From Conventional Ones?

Bare with us here, we won’t get too technical. Once you understand the concept it will all become clear. As Vornado themselves put it ‘its complex but simple’.




All of these aspects of design are important in moving the air ALL around the room.  This is best seen in the example illustration below. Because of the deep pitched blades and tin air cones the fan essentially twists the air as its coming out of the fan. This in turn helps circulate the air all around the room. See where the name Vornado comes from now? Smart isn’t it!





The Design

For us we wanted a fan which we could leave out on show, not hide away as soon as the weather became slightly milder. Vornado solves all these problems, we think specifically with the VFAN. Made with all metal parts (except for the blades themselves), the same construction used in the 1940’s. Making the fan extremely durable. It has a beautiful 1940’s aeronautical / industrial look which fits into any environment seamlessly. When not in use the fan is a masterpiece of interior design. Available in 4 colours which perfectly suit the design. It is truly a thing of beauty, harking back to when essential home appliances were made to last, made of materials other than cheap plastic. This has become a statement piece in our home, one that everyone asks about.




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