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Recipe Disasters – What’s your biggest recipe fail?

Recipe Disasters, we all have them. from the trivial to the life threatening. We want to hear what your biggest recipe fails are. From the funny to the serious.

The aim of this post is to highlight fire safety. Fire is our ultimate fear in our home. It’s something you don’t immediately connect with cooking. But if you don’t take care of your appliances and follow some basic fire safety guidelines it can happen to anyone.

We worked with ElectricalSafetyFirst on their guide for Staying Safe In The Kitchen. A lot of the are common sense yet a lot of us do not follow them. The tips range from ensuring your plug sockets are at least 30cm horizontally away from any sinks or water sources to ensure they never get wet to ensuring you keep your oven, grill and microwave clean as the buildup of grease is a major cause of fires.




The video we share next is not what you want to happen. Tip – Watch to the end!



Yes, shocking right!

Recipe Disasters – What’s your biggest recipe fail? Tell us in the comments below.

OK OK, We’ll go first. Thankfully no fire safety issues here! But we do sometimes have some rather big and embarrassing kitchen fails. These include adding salt instead of baking powder or bicarb and more commonly forgetting to add a vital ingredient, like say, cocoa powder in a chocolate cake. Yeah that’s a major problem for the chocolate flavour! haha.

OK, now your turn!


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