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Top 6 Best Bakes of All Time

You may have recently been inspired by the Great British Bake Off. You are spending all your free time in the kitchen getting creative with your baking, experimenting with ingredients and even the shapes of your bakes. But now you might be thinking you want to try something a little more spectacular. Take a look at the top 10 best bakes off all time and by that we mean the weirdest, largest, bakes ever created.


Top 6 Best Bakes of All Time


1. One of your five a day? The World’s Largest Pumpkin Pie

Weighing in at just over 3699lbs (1678kg), this is one big pumpkin pie. Made from 440 sheets of dough in Ohio, USA, that is one big pie. Maybe not the best idea for a first time baker but making a pumpkin pie that big deserves some recognition.



2. Largest Recorded Cornish Pasty

Cornish pasties for those that do not know, are pasties containing vegetables, meat and most importantly potatoes. A Cornish delicacy, they are easy to make using the right bakeware and ingredients. The biggest recorded Cornish pasty was over a tonne in weight and cost £7,000 to make. No, it doesn’t look like the most appealing pasty but let’s hope the taste was worth the money.




3. What a Grape idea!

Making a pie with leftover green grapes means nothing is wasted but it also means you end up with a pie that tastes like green grapes. It also means you end up with a pie that is full of, potentially sour green grapes which may not go down too well at the next dinner party. The recipe includes nutmeg, honey and lemon juice which we are hoping will add to the flavour. (Hopefully!).


4. The World’s Largest Curry

This one sounds amazing. The worlds largest ever curry, weighing over 15 tonnes created in Singapore in 2015. Yes they may have been a slight chance of food poisoning but the amazing spices and endless portions mean it truly deserves to be named one of the top 10 bakes. (Bakes being a loose term here for cooked in an oven.)


5. Revealing Cakes

One of the best ideas out there, the best bakes and the new big thing for baby showers is the cakes that reveal the sex of the baby. So no one knows until the cake is cut and when the sponge is pink or blue you would know if it was a boy or girl. A simple idea with a great result.




6. Cookie Madness

The biggest cookie ever created was 102 feet wide and weighed 40,000 pounds. At the end of the day the unveiling of the giant cookie event raised over 20,000 dollars towards the local museum fund.


All these wacky, weird and large bakes just show what a baker can achieve when they set their mind to it. We wonder how all these wacky and huge bakes tasted, one thing is for sure, they would have tasted better if they were baked in Corelle Bakeware. Visit World Kitchen and find the highest quality Corelle bakeware that will assist you with your baking masterpieces in the kitchen.


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