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The World’s Best Dining Experiences

We all have that one restaurant, which we love, which we tell everyone is THE best. But can any of yours beat these truly mind blowing dining experiences?

The food is important, very important. But the atmosphere of a restaurant is what makes a dining experience unbeatable. A once in a lifetime experience.


We’re sharing the below two incredible Bookatable infographics with you to show you what the best dining experiences really are. Beat your local favourite? Thought so!


Are you ready to dine with the fish?

You can do this right now in the Maldives in the Michelin starred restaurant on Rangali Island. Where the restaurant is actually situated under water.  A restaurant concept like this couldn’t have existed years ago. This incredible construction brings this dining experience to a whole new level.


Living on the edge

Want a story to beat all your friends with best dining experiences? How about that meal you had on a volcano? You can do just that Hawaii Volcanoes National Park where you dine in a restaurant perched on the edge of an active volcano with views over the entire national park. Just add a few dinosaurs for a full Jurassic Park experience. Ok…. You might need to imagine the dinosaurs but when are you ever going to have a meal on top of a volcano again?!


In the dark?

You can dine in a very different way in Montreal, Canada. What’s different? It’s completely pitch dark. This apparently heightens your sense of taste and smell. These ‘dark restaurants’ have been popping up all around the world in recent years but you can visit the original in Montreal.


A Thrill of a meal

In Seattle, USA you can dine under the big top. Enjoy your meal while watching acrobatics, fire eating and a general array of death defying acts. Not something you usually see in your local favourite.


So if you’re ever visiting any of these places. Maybe you’ll make some effort to visit one of these incredible restaurants. Just to say, ‘I’ve been there!’.


You can read through the full list of incredible dining experiences in the full infrographics below.






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