Fentimans Botanical Soft Drinks

We have long seen Fentimans Botanical Soft Drinks on store shelves since we were young. However we had only got the opportunity to taste some of the flavours over the years. We were very excited to be asked by Fentimans whether we wanted to try all their soft drinks range, this being Dry January and all that. There was no better time to have a treat.

Just to make this review even more exciting we are giving you the change to Win a Huge Hamper of Fentimans Soft Drinks.

It is amazing how much love and attention has went in to developing these recipes over the years. And the brands history. It all started in 1905 and its a fascinating story…

The History

In 1905, Thomas Fentiman, an iron puddler from Cleckheaton, England was approached by a fellow tradesman for a loan. A deal was struck and a recipe for botanically brewed ginger beer was provided as security. The loan was never repaid so Thomas became the owner of the unique recipe.

Thomas began using the recipe and producing botanically brewed ginger beer which he delivered door-to-door using a horse and cart for transport. The ginger beer was stored in handmade stone jars known affectionately as ‘grey hens’ which were stamped with an image of Thomas’ pet dog ‘Fearless’ after winning the ‘Crufts’ obedience class in 1933 and 1934. Fentimans botanically brewed ginger beer quickly became very popular and the family business grew, with several brewing and production facilities being opened in the North of England.

From there, the brand grew and more botanical recipes were created to honour to long held family tradition. The business is still in the hands of Thomas Fentimans great grandson! So you’re still buying a bit of that magic of the story above.

The range includes Traditional Ginger Beer, Rose Lemonade, Sparkling Lime & Jasmine, Wild English Elderflower, Dandelion & Burdock, Curiosity Cola, Mandarin & Seville Orange Jigger, Victorian Lemonade, Cherry Cola and not to forget Lemon Shandy.



Victorian Lemonade

This cloudy Victorian Lemonade has the juice of one and a half lemons in each and every bottle. Making it incredibly refreshing refreshing especially served in a tall glass with ice. We can’t imagine a more perfect summers day drink.

Wild English Elderflower

This is another perfect summers drink. With immediate floral notes noticeable as soon as you open the bottle this drink embodies the great British countryside during the summer.



Rose Lemonade

Another great floral drink. There is a pattern here since Fentimans are famous for their botanical creations. This drink is a key example of this. Made with pure rose oil from the world famous Rose Valley in Kazanlak, Bulgaria combined with the juice of real lemons. I think to fully appreciate these drinks you should always read the drink cards on the Fenitmans website. This gives you the full details of the drink and the origin of any special ingredients.

Mandarin & Seville Orange Jigger

‘Jigger’ is an old English term for a good measure, which is used when combining the juice of eight mandarins and the zest of Seville orange in every bottle. These are the details shared on Fentimans own website. We couldn’t put this any better ourselves. This is a citrus wonder to behold! If you love oranges especially, treat yourself to a ice cold bottle of this.



Curiosity Cola

Inspired by the original cola drinks from the beginning of the century, this cola drink combines the finest botanical ingredients to get that taste just right. Forget the mainstream colas, this is the real deal!

Traditional Ginger Beer

Last but not least is Fentimans famous Traditional Ginger Beer. This is what they were first known for and you can understand why. Ginger Beer use to be incredibly popular. It has had a great resurgence in recent years which we are delighted about. If you want to enjoy Ginger Beer at its finest then we think that Fentimans is your go-to supplier. Made using the finest natural ginger root. Fiery and full of flavour.




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