Christmas Pudding Truffles

With the entertaining season on the horizon, and festive treats on the mind, why not shake up your Christmas dessert menu this year and create some delicious Christmas Pudding Truffles. Created by McKinney’s and Catherine Fulvio, these mini treats are the perfect size to offer guests after a delicious Christmas meal. These mini Christmas Pudding Truffles are quick and simple to make, look fantastic and are the perfect bite-sized treat!

Makes 18 mini truffles depending on size


100g ground almonds
60g McKinney’s rich dark sugar
3 tbsp dried cranberries, soaked in whiskey
3 tbsp raisins, soaked in cranberry or orange juice
3 tbsp glace cherries, chopped
A generous pinch of allspice
½ tsp ground cinnamon
120g melted dark chocolate
McKinney’s rollout icing, to decorate
Cherries, to decorate
McKinney’s icing sugar, to dust

To prepare the truffles

Combine all the ingredients into a bowl except the melted chocolate.

Pour in enough of the melted chocolate for it to stick together small bite size balls when shaped in your hands.

Place them on a piece of parchment on a tray and pop into the fridge until set.  This will probably take about 15 to 20 minutes.  

To coat

Using a spoon and fork, dip them into the slightly cooled melted chocolate and replace onto the parchment paper, leave to set.

To decorate

When set, thinly roll out the McKinney’s rollout icing and shape for the top of the Christmas pudding truffles. Use a little melted chocolate to stick them on.

Decorate with the cherries and roll out icing holly leaves.

When ready to serve, lightly dust with McKinney’s icing sugar.

Recipe created by the wonderful Catherine Fulvio. You can find some more McKinney’s Sugar recipes on their facebook page or on their parent website Nordzucker.


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