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Finding the Right Pass Through Commercial Dishwashers

We collaborated with WeAreWashingSolutions to have a chat about commercial dishwashers for hospitality as a lot if beginning to open back up again! Do you plan to open up a restaurant or café? How are you with your planning process? For sure, one of the bulk of the expenses would be in capital equipment.

Part of these is your investment in cooking and washing equipment. Such commercial equipment can be very expensive. Hence, you need to be very selective in choosing which one you need for your business.

For your commercial dishwashers, there are many types. One type commonly used is the pass through dishwashers. Read more to help you decide on which to purchase.

Pass through dishwashers

Pass through dishwashers are durable because it is made from high-grade polished stainless steel. This type of commercial dishwasher is built to meet high demands in the kitchen. It is good to use for very busy environments. 

Pass through dishwashers have similarities with under-counter models.  But it can wash much more dishes per hour.

With pass through dishwasher, the racks are pushed manually. There is an option of installing a sink that has an overhead spray system. What this does is that the dishes can be pre-rinsed. The effect is higher efficiency and better results.

Pass through dishwasher Brands

There are many good and reliable pass through dishwasher professionals.  These include brands like Eswood, Hobart FE, Fagor, Norris, Sammic, Washtech, and Winterhalter.  Here are some of the brands and products you can consider.


Norris brand can be used for small, mid, or big cafes and restaurants. Norris has more than 60 years of experience with making commercial dishwashers. It has a range of products that can wash dishes fast and efficiently.  Rest assured that the Norris brand is designed to meet Australian conditions and standards. It meets regulatory requirements on temperature control and hygiene.

Norris has an elegant finish but can work even under very busy environments. Norris also ensures the machines are user-friendly. It promises to clean dishes fast and with the same standard for each dish cleaned. It aims to finish cleaning dishes with no grime, making a squeaky clean and spotless finish.

Norris dishwashers also have double-skinned doors. These reduce heat and noise pollution. Norris also helps limit water waste and energy consumption. This is because of its built-in chemical dispensers, durable wash arms, and deficient washing techniques.

Norris IM20 Pass Through Dishwashermodel has 4 cycles. It has a long warranty of up to 3 years on the control board, 1 year on parts and labor. This product can wash up to 1000 plates per hour. It also has an automatic detergent injection, corner and in-line positioning. You can easily clean this Norris product, as well. In terms of look, it is economically-designed


Eswood is designed and manufactured in Australia. It produces quality products to meet different dishwashing needs.  But more than quality, Eswood also excels in reducing the ecological footprint. This is because Eswood minimizes water and energy consumption. In this manner, you can reduce your overhead expense.

In terms of design, Eswood also has a streamlined user experience. The products also comply with HACCP food safety procedures. Eswood dishwashers also have sleek designs making it maximize the space in the kitchen.

Other than these, Eswood offers 12-month warranty. They also stock spare parts for at least ten years.  Plus, it has good after-sales customer service.  You can be assured that there is support as you run your business.

The models are Eswood WS-SmartWash900 Pass through dishwasher  and Eswood WS-ES32 Pass through the dishwasher

Eswood WS-SmartWash900 Pass through dishwasher has 3 cycles (for 60, 90, and 120 seconds). The Eswood WS-ES32 Pass through dishwasher has 120-second cycle or single-phase power. It also has detergent and rinse aid dosers.


Hobart dishwashers is a trusted name in dishwashing equipment.  Hobart pass through dishwashers can run on 15 Amp Power. The products are Hobart Hobart WS-H603 and Hobart WS-AM900.

Hobart WS-H603 promises low 2.9 litres per cycle rinse volume machine. It is also fully enclosed with a 4 sided hood design. The benefit if this is that it avoids energy and steam loss.

Meanwhile, Hobart WS-AM900 requires 3 phase power. It has a low 2.5 liters per cycle rinse. It exhausts energy storage. It also has a fully enclosed 4 sided hood. This keeps the energy and steam inside. Such allows huge energy savings. Plus, it yields less humidity in the kitchen resulting in better hygiene.


Washtech is another good brand of pass through dishwasher. The Washtech M2 Pass through dishwasher is multi-voltage. It has an autostart feature on door closure. It also boasts of a high number of washes of up to 1,080 plates per hour. In terms of water consumption, it consumes only 2.4 liters per cycle. Washtech also has EcoPower that reduces temperature and energy consumption.

Features and Products

If there are certain features you want, here is a list of products you can choose from.

15 AMP Power

Products that run on 15 AMP Power are Eswood WS-ES25, WS-BT600 Norris 15 amp Single phase, WS-XM Washtech Economy, and Hobart Ecomax 602 Single phase.

Multi-Phase option (3 phase or 15amp)

The products requiring 3 phase Power are WS-M2 Washtech Pass, Eswood SmartWash 90, WS-ES32 Eswood Three phase, and Norris IM20, Hobart H603, Hobart AM900, Washtech AL Premium, Hobart Profi AMX, Norris AP750, WS-Norris AP2500, and Hobart Profi AMXT/

Using heat condensing or heat recovery

Multi-voltage Pass through dishwasher brands are Washtech M1-C, Washtech M2-C, Hobart AMX VaporStop

Cold water connected Pass Through dishwashers

The products with these features are Norris AP750 and WS-Norris AP2500 Cold Water.

Indeed, selecting a commercial dishwasher can be tough given the many choices.  But we hope you find this information useful as you select the right pass through dishwasher professionals brands.


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