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The Mighty Power Of Shopping Small

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If you love cooking of any kind, you will know that the quality of your food makes all the difference in the outcome of your dish. While it might not be clear how much food quality can affect the taste, texture and combination of different foods, it will become very clear when you compare them directly – particularly if you are working from fresh ingredients. Fresh, responsibly sourced fruit, vegetables, grains and animal products are better for the planet, but they are also better-tasting and more refreshing than processed versions. Accompanying your fresh food, you should try to source good quality equipment from reputable companies which is long-lasting and easy to take care of.

In this blog you will find a guide to shopping small, as well as advice on how to best support online businesses through coronavirus!

1.   Going To Market

When it comes to buying produce, there is no better place than a farmer’s market. Depending on your location, you may not be able to easily access a farmer’s market every week – but these elusive events are much more frequent than you might imagine. Farmer’s markets cultivate a community of growers and experts who come to sell you their best produce, answer your questions and suggest cooking tips.

These markets are often the same price or cheaper than supermarket prices, and have the added benefit of being more sustainable, using less plastic packaging and supporting local small businesses too. Going to the farmer’s market might become a rite of passage in your life, and will change the way you cook; the richness of the produce will be immediately evident when you cook with it.

2.   The Price Points

Buying food from small businesses often incurs a higher bill; this cannot be avoided. If you are working from a strict budget, you can learn to compartmentalise your shopping; non-perishables such as pasta, canned foods, rice, jarred spices and other cupboard items can be bought cheaply at large supermarkets. When it comes to produce, though, you can allocate most of your budget for this area of your shopping, and access your fresh food from a local business who sources the produce from a reputable place. This way of budgeting your shopping can help you shop small on fresh food while keeping your pantry items low-cost.

3.   Online Support

If your shopping options are limited right now, you might be doing your shopping online. Although it’s hard to shop local online, you can still support small businesses over large corporations. Whether you are buying a coffee machine from or a festive print from Not On The High Street, there are always ways to support smaller sellers rather than lining the pockets of larger companies. During the COVID-19 pandemic, online stores like Amazon have thrived, while other smaller companies have struggled, or even gone bust altogether. It is more important than ever to shop small, giving power to entrepreneurs who have been affected by coronavirus.

Ultimately, shopping small is a mighty good deed, and will change your culinary game forever!


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