Bad Brownies – The Review

Bad Brownies….. You mean Good Brownies right??

Bad Brownies are a gourmet brownie company based right here in the UK in London. They decided that I just HAD to try their brownies. I thought ‘just another brownie but i’ll see what all the fuss is about’. How wrong I was!!

Their founders Paz and Morag. They’re on a mission to educate firstly London and now all of us that brownies shouldn’t be those boring heavy chocolate blocks that we sometimes encounter. Instead they have set about creating amazing brownie creations such as salted caramel, peanut butter, triple chocolate, bacon & maple syrup and more. The other facinating fact is that the founders appeared on Dragons Den! So that has me searching that episode so I can have a watch. BTW, they were successful!

You can order their brownie boxes online (or if you prefer the old fashioned way of discovering them at markets across the UK you can do that too of course!) but in the midst of a pandemic online ordering of brownie chocolaty gooeyness is a divine luxury! I love their packaging and how the boxes even come with an instruction….. BE BAD.

So the brownie box which they decided to send me was their iconic Salted Caramel Brownie. Salted caramel needs no introduction. But I wasn’t prepared for what I discovered when I received the box. Once I took the box out of the securely wrapped polybag I could smell the brownies! Upon opening the box I received an instruction, ‘BE BAD’ so naturally I continued.

Inside was a paper wrapped block of brownies, semi sliced for you already. The thing I noticed immediately was the oozing salted caramel sauce. And THAT is their secret to the perfect salted caramel brownie. So unlike their competitors they don’t just swirl the salted caramel sauce through the brownie mixture, that gets lost. Instead they actually spread a layer of this home made salted caramel sauce in-between two layers of the perfectly fudgy brownies.

So I say order a box as a wee surprise for someone you love AND order yourself one too, just for quality control of course! 😉


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