Whittard Hot Chocolate

Nearly every supermarket you go into has at least one shelf full of different brands of hot chocolate. We’re bombarded with different brands and flavours all which promise something different. Recently we have had the privilege of trying a selection of the Whittard hot chocolate range. The first thing you will notice is the number of different flavours to choose from.

We personally get bored of the same flavour of hot chocolate after a while, regardless of how exciting or different the flavour is. So it is a massive relief to us that we can own a few of the Whittard flavours to ‘mix it up a little’.

The flavours we had the privilege of trying were Luxury White Chocolate, Caramel Hot Chocolate and Rocky Road Hot Chocolate. You can find the full selection of Whittard Hot Chocolates here. We think this is the largest selection of luxury hot chocolate flavours we have ever seen in one place.
The Luxury White Chocolate flavour is very exciting. From the moment you open the tub the aroma of melted white chocolate reaches your nose and you begin to get excited. This particular flavour of hot chocolate has a very creamy texture exactly like when good quality white chocolate begins to melt in your mouth.  This is the perfect hot chocolate for a cold night sitting by the fire.
These hot chocolates are incredibly simple to make with very little fuss involved. Simply place 3tsp (or 2tsp if you don’t want it quite so sweet) into a cup and pour on warm milk. Stir and enjoy! Whittard Hot Chocolate brand seems to mix extremely well leaving very few if any lumps in your hot chocolate, a major pet hate of ours with most other brands.

The Caramel Hot Chocolate flavour is for all you folks with a sweet tooth. This variety is very sweet but very tasty too. We added a dash of coco powder on top to make this super indulgent. The flavour is unmistakably caramel (we tested this on a few friends!). The texture is smooth and sweet and perfect with one of our chocolate chip cookies.

The Rocky Road Hot Chocolate is certainly a bit different. Whittard know that there are many different recipes for Rocky Road and the UK has their very own version. So Whittards have used their expertise to come up with a specifically British Rocky Road Hot Chocolate which has flavours of milk chocolate, marshmallows, toffee, cherries, raisins and sultanas.

There are so many flavours to choose from and we hope to be able to provide a review for them all eventually so we can help you choose which ones are for you!

And remember….there is a 3 for 2 offer on all Whittard hot chocolates and instant teas. The code to use is 3for2.


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