Hampergifts Hamper Review

With Christmas just around the corner (we know…..the dreaded
‘C’ word is already being talked about)

we decided to review a hamper from one
of our favourite gift websites Hampergifts. Any time we have used Hampergifts
their customer service has been exemplary and they make it so simple to order a
last minute gift for someone it really takes a lot of pressure off you. Some
people think hampers are thoughtless gifts but we completely disagree, with the
huge selection of hampers available on their website you can truly match a
hamper to your recipient whether they are young, old, male or female we can
always find something for everyone. We know some people do not like the usual
contents of Christmas themed hampers such as Christmas cake, candy canes or
other Christmas themed food so we decided to review a hamper which will please
anyone for Christmas, whether they like or dislike traditional Christmas ones.
We were delighted to see Hampergifts include the Deluxe Golden Tower hamper in
their Christmas hamper page which really shows they are trying to cater for

The Deluxe Golden Tower hamper consists of eight beautiful
golden boxes (all of which are such good quality we always recommend keeping
these for storage, maybe even your baking supplies such as piping nozzles or
decorations!) Each of the eight boxes is completely filled with delicious
treats, and when we say completely filled we mean completely! Any available
space is crammed with chocolate truffles or caramels. The tower arrives already
assembled with a bow tied around and covered in protective cellophane, exactly
how we would want our presents delivered to our friends.
We know you are dying to know what is filling all of those
eight boxes so we’re going to give you a summary.
Milk Chocolate Coated Walnuts 150g
Chocolaterie Diane Belgian Truffles 50g
Lindt Lindor Milk Chocolate Assorted Cornet Truffles 50g
Rich Fruit Cake 150g
Honey Baked Flapjack 120g
Hand Made Honey & Sesame Biscuits 100g
Continental Sugared Almonds 110g
White Chocolate Pieces 150g
Honey Roast Peanut & Cashew Mix 150g
Sicilian Lemon Butter Cookies 100g
Baronie Belgian Chocolate Vanilla Crisp Pieces 75g
Baronie Belgian Chocolate Hazelnut Pralines 75g
Baronie Belgian Cherry Truffles 100g
Buchanan Chocolate Italian Creams 100g
Buchanan’s Buttered Brazils 100g
Buchanan’s Russian Chocolate Caramels 100g
Zentis Dark Chocolate Coated Marzipan 100g


You can click here to
go to the Hampergifts site for more beautiful Christmas hampers.


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