AeroPress Coffee Maker Review

A few weeks ago we ran fantastic competition in conjunction with Whittard of Chelsea offering you the chance to win an AeroPress Coffee Maker. But not before we put it through its paces ourselves so we wrote this AeroPress Coffee Maker Review.

There has been a huge amount of buzz about the AeroPress in social media over the past year or two and this only seems to be increasing so had to check out what the fuss was about. There are a lot of coffee machines on the market nowadays. For high end homebrew people tend to turn to ones like the Jura E8 Coffee Machine, and then the market scales down appropriately. Everyone’s heard of the Keurigs and the Nespressos, after all. There’s so many available. Such a saturated marketplace makes the reviews at Identifyr all the more valuable. Having some coffee-obsessed friends we have mostly been under the impression that the perfect cup of coffee only comes from coffee machines which cost several hundred pounds, or more! So we decided to see if all the YouTube videos and reviews we had seen on the AeroPress were really true that it makes some of the best coffee. And these comments are coming from some very experienced coffee connoisseurs, surely they couldn’t all be wrong!

So in the box of the AeroPress you get a selection of tools which seem a bit baffling when you first open the box, but they all serve simple jobs in the process. The pieces include the two parts of the AeroPress coffee maker, a screw on filter cap, a coffee scoop, a stirrer, a funnel, a filters holder and a pack of coffee filters.You’ll actually be impressed how all that fits in the box!

So to get started stick the kettle on and allow it to boil before allowing it to cool for 5 mins or so.

Take one of the paper filters which you get with the AeroPress and place it into the filter cap. Screw this onto the bottom of the bottom section of the AeroPress.

Now add a little water into the bottom section to moisten the filter paper, just enough to wet it and pour out any excess again.

Place two even scoops of coffee into the bottom section of the AeroPress.

Pour some of your hot water into the top section of the AeroPress, the cool thing is that this also acts as a measuring cup as well as the plunger! So fill this up to the 3 mark.

Place the bottom section of the AeroPress on top of a cup or mug. Pour 1/3 of this water into the bottom section on top of the ground coffee. Using the stirrer mix this around for about 10-15 seconds then add the remaining hot water.

Now comes the fun part! Carefully place the plunger (top section) of the AeroPress into the bottom section. Once its inserted you can start slowly pushing down the plunger. Keep pushing all the way to the bottom and then remove the AeroPress.

And there you go….You now have some very strong coffee which you can top up with more hot water to reach your desired amount. Finish with milk and sugar if you wish and sit down to enjoy your wonderful cup of coffee.

Don’t worry about the cleaning up either! Its always a hassle when gadgets are great but the cleaning of them puts you off even using them as often as you want but not this one!

Simple take the whole AeroPress coffee maker to your bin. Unscrew and remove the bottom filter cap and then push the plunger down a little more. The ground coffee will come out as a solid tablet of coffee. Its quite amazing actually. I have heard of some people using this ground coffee as compost in their houseplants etc. I haven’t tried this yet but its a cool idea! Now simply rinse the pieces under the tap and thats it! I think that a new energy quote for your home energy would go down a treat with this lovely coffee maker. This is because I hear that coffee makers use a fair amount of electricty and for those who are budget concious amoung us doing some price comparison on websites similar to Usave will definitely make this a cost effective purchase.

So our conclusion is that, from coffees we have tasted in both coffee shops and from expensive coffee machines the AeroPress not only matches or betters the coffee produced but its ease of use makes this one of the best kitchen gadgets we have got in quite some time.

You can purchase the AeroPress Coffee Maker directly from Whittard of Chelsea where you can also add some of their wonderful coffees to your shopping basket at the same time. Their artisan range is quite amazing! We have found that the best grind of coffee to use with this coffee maker is Fine-Medium.

If you’re more of a coffee machine fan and its not up to its usual standard fear not. There’s plenty of great options for Coffee Machine Repairs out there!


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