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Quirky Fruit Drinks

When we seen that Marks and Spencers had introduced some new and quirky fruit into the fruit and vegetable isles we couldn’t resist in whipping up some new drinks to try with our NutriBullet.

So we quickly gathered up some traditional juicy fresh fruit and some of the new additions and set to work in create some tasty drinks. Some of the fruit is so interesting we photographed some of the fruit so you can see it for yourself. Keep an eye out of Marks and Spencer’s stores near you!

These Mandarossa’s are incredibly tasty. Sort of a cross between an orange and blood orange. With a delicate flavour and a pink blush throughout which you’ll notice more if you slice the orange in half. These are a must-try if you are an orange fan.



Perfect for a sweet treat or including in a fruit drink or smoothy, these Yellow Flesh Nectarines are perfectly ripe, juicy and sweet.


One of our favourite fruits, Strawberries. These variety from Marks and Spencer’s are delicious and perfectly ripe. Great for topping your cheesecakes, cakes, smoothies or simply eating straight out of the box.


The Achacha are a new fruit to us, we haven’t seen these in the UK before so we were excited to see Marks and Spencer’s introduce these. A strange looking fruit with quite a hard shell. We love the way Marks and Spencer’s decided to include a small information leaflet in the pack telling you how to eat the fruit. For these, simply split the harder outer skin with a knife and squeeze. The insides then pop through. The white creamy flesh is sweet and delicious with a delicate flavour.



These beautiful Lychee’s from Marks and Spencer’s are perfectly ripe and ready to eat straight away. Enclosed in a hard shell almost resembling dragons eggs from Game of Thrones, or at least we think so! The sweet juicy flesh surrounding the stone is  great to add to any smoothies or drinks as its sweet taste really adds to the flavour.


We decided to use this opportunity to get our NutriBullet out of its box and whip up some delicious drinks. For the first drink we included 1 Mangarossa Orange (peeled), a Handful of Spinach, Half a Banana, Handful of Blueberries and filled to the liquid line with Almond Milk.



We tried a simple Berry Blast fruit drink by combining a Handful of Strawberries, Handful of Raspberries, 1 Banana and filled to the line with Almond Milk.



The second drink we decided to whip up consisted of 1 Apple, 2 Lychee, 1 Achacha, Handful of Raspberries, Handful of Strawberries, 1 Tablespeed of Organic Cold Milled Flax Seeds and then filled to the line with filtered water.





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