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How MYPROTEIN Whey Protein is Made

If you’re one of our regular readers you will know that we work on recipe development for MYPROTEIN. Experiencing their products hands on most days we have become to appreciate and love the quality and the art which goes into making them the best in the market. We started taking an interest in nutrition and fitness-friendly protein recipes after we started going to the gym and working out ourself. Both casein and whey products from MYPROTEIN are very popular, but we personally prefer the whey. It definitely tastes better in recipes as well. Cake just wasn’t cutting it on the fitness front….

There is a whole process behind each and every product they develop, one of their most popular products is simply hydrolyzed whey protein which a vast majority of people going to the gym would use, whether they are a beginner or a fitness model.

Even we did not know the full process which goes into making Whey Protein so MYPROTEIN put together an info-graphic for us showing us the complete process. And we’re excited to share this with you. We love learning new facts and this one astonished us.

Whether its Impact Whey Protein, Impact Whey Isolate, Diet Whey or Whey Protein Plus they all start off with the same process.

You can click on this image to make it bigger and easier to read.
It all begins with MOOOOOO…….


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