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Three design hacks to help you create a winning family kitchen

Do your cupboards conceal an unavoidable avalanche of kitchenware? Are your countertops covered with scratches, scuffs and sticky fingerprints? Does an overwhelming sense of get-me-out-of-here arise when you’re faced with the task of preparing a meal? Do you need some Kitchen Fitters In Birmingham to come and remodel your layout? There’s no getting around the fact that busy family life can take its toll on housekeeping, and as the heart of the home, the kitchen often takes the worst hit. But there’s no need to despair just yet. To help you keep the chaos under control, here are four design hacks for creating a winning family kitchen.

1. Hardwearing surfaces

To ensure that your worktops can withstand the inevitable wear and tear of a busy household, you’ll need to consider practicality, durability and ease of care. Wooden kitchen worktops tick all these boxes. When properly sealed, solid wood is incredibly long lasting and low maintenance. Oak and walnut in particular are popular choices for family kitchens due to their hardwearing properties. Here’s a tip: when wooden countertops become scratched and marked over time, simply sand them down and re-varnish and they’ll look as good as new.

2. Innovative storage solutions

The key to creating a highly functional family kitchen is storage – and plenty of it. To step up your organisation game, fix rolling shelves inside your cabinets, attach S hooks to a handrail to make a convenient utensil rack and add magnetic holders inside your fridge to create extra space. Under the sink, the back of cupboard doors and the sides of cabinets are all commonly neglected areas in the kitchen that are just waiting for clever storage solutions.

3. Opt for open shelving

Instead of upper cabinets, utilise empty wall space with open shelves for quick access to frequently used items and ingredients. Not only does open shelving offer a simple way to increase your storage and make food preparation a breeze, it also gives the room a relaxed, rustic appeal. And, if your kitchen is on the small side, it also helps to make the space look brighter and more spacious.

4. Get organised with a chalkboard

Placing a chalkboard in the heart of the kitchen is a great way to keep your family on the same schedule. These nifty boards are becoming an increasingly popular feature in the home and they can be used for reminders, shopping lists, dinner ideas, chore charts and calendars. Plus, you’ll no longer have to-do lists scattered across your worktops or messy post-it notes covering your fridge.

With simple tips and tricks like these, you’ll be able to create a functional, family-friendly kitchen that you’ll love for years to come.


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