The Gastro Travel Book by Marks and Spencer

Sound like a new summer read? You’d be wrong. The Gastro Travel Book by Marks and Spencer isn’t a book at all. Well not the sort with pages anyway. Marks and Spencer have come up with the great idea of an adventure in chocolates.

Each of the gourmet chocolates have centres which evoke warm sunny climates from the Mediterranean. We’ll talk you through each of the four varieties. You get three of each of the four varieties in the book.


The Gastro Travel Book by Marks and Spencer


Lemon & Basil

A zesty Italian lemon flavoured filling enhanced with basil flavour incased in a dark chocolate shell.

Raspberry and Rose water

A white chocolate shell encases a rose water ganache with delicate flavours of raspberry and rose.

Orange Blossom

A white chocolate ganache with a zingy Persian lime oil married with orange blossom flavour in a crisp dark chocolate shell.

Lavender & Pomegranate

A white chocolate truffle filling infused with French lavender and pomegranate flavours smothered in milk chocolate.


Which one will you begin with?



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