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Apple Pie Variations You Should Try

There’s nothing more traditional than a good old-fashioned apple pie. Throughout the years, its recipes have been very set in its ways that it’s become a rather comforting standby for many people. However, there have been occasional variations to this classic dessert that shakes up the formula in pleasantly surprising ways.

While many of these baked variations feature many of the traditional ingredients – like apples and cinnamon – they also feature some very creative twists that reinvent the apple pie in interesting ways.

Baked Apple Pie Apples

What’s more inventive than turning an actual apple fruit into an apple pie? This rather creative recipe uses an entire apple and bakes everything that makes an apple pie inside it. With a gooey cinnamon filling and a buttery pie crust, this is a fun dessert that everyone will surely love.

The trick to this tasty treat is baking all the usual apple pie ingredients inside a cored-out apple. It’s a good idea to use large apples for this, since you want a good amount of filling to fit inside. Top this off with a buttery lattice pie crust along with some salted caramel sauce, and you have a homemade apple pie that’s both creative and delicious.



Apple Pie Cupcakes

If you feel like an entire apple pie might be too big for you to handle, then these apple pie cupcakes should be just the right size that anyone can enjoy. Made with cinnamon roll dough, it has the same distinct taste that comes with a regular apple pie, along with a couple of interesting and tasty surprises baked inside it.

When preparing the apples for the cupcakes, they’re best cooked with butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, and a little bit of lemon juice on the top. Once you’re done with the filling, you can squeeze them into the cinnamon dough roll you’ll be using for its crust. Afterwards, you can top the apple pie cupcakes with a crumble topping along with any additional toppings you’d like to try (we suggest going with whipped cream or caramel sauce).

Apple Pie Oatmeal

Perfect for the cooler seasons, apple pie oatmeal is a nice and comforting dessert that includes many familiar elements from the classic recipe. Preparing the oatmeal is a simple enough task, but if you want to add more body and flavor to it, then you can also try doing an overnight recipe instead. What’s important here is that you should add the apples as a topping instead of cooking it with the oatmeal –they tend to become mushy when cooked. Feel free to add cinnamon and your favorite toppings to round everything out.



Apple Pie Cake

Cake lovers looking to get a bite of some delicious caramel apple confectionery can try out this recipe. The moist applesauce coupled with rich caramel buttercream makes for a pretty sweet dessert – both figuratively and literally.

Each part of the cake needs to be carefully prepared and done separately before assembling it into its final, glorious product. After baking the cake, the rich caramel sauce needs to be done immediately afterwards to get it ready for mixing into the caramel buttercream. This will allow the cake to be frosted and prepared for the delectable apple filling afterwards.

Apple Pie Bars

Finally, we have a tasty treat for those looking for a bite-sized treat of apple pie goodness. This is perfect for dessert junkies looking for a quick fix of that apple pie flavor that they love. This is also relatively easy to make since you can make around 2 dozen or more bars per batch. The baking process is also pretty straightforward since you only need to bake the bars using graham-based crust and streusel toppings to go with the apple filling.

There are so many ways to enjoy apple pie that you don’t have to stick to the classic recipe. If you’re a certified apple pie lover and you love baking dessert treats, you simply owe it to yourself to try out these amazing variations.


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