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Coffee Capsules Bring Our Favorite Coffee Shop Caffeine Hit into Our Homes

As the consumer demand for quality coffee at home rockets, so does the global market of coffee capsules and pods.

The use of coffee machines at home in the kitchen is giving coffee lovers their favorite fix in their homes and at qualities that match top coffee shops anywhere.

It is said that short of grinding the beans that have been roasted for you locally, a coffee capsule is the closest one will get to a top cup of coffee.

Having a coffee made with a coffee capsule does not necessary amount to a bad coffee. In fact, many say that it can be as good as having a barista make it for you in your favorite coffee shop or café. But, like anything, there are different qualities of coffee capsules, so it is important to find the one for your taste. And now, capsules provide a coffee flavor for every potential taste.

From a health perspective, coffee capsules are higher in antioxidants than other types of coffee. A coffee capsule is basically ground coffee in an aluminum or plastic pot covered with filter paper or foil.

How do you make a coffee with a coffee capsule?

To get the best results you need a coffee making machine. You insert the capsule and a pump at the bottom of the machine sucks the water in and pumps it around, including through the ground coffee in the capsule. The coffee is then dispatched into the cup.

Research has shown that using coffee capsules for your daily fix is actually the most sustainable way to grab an espresso. The study showed that those made from aluminum are more environmentally friendly than any other type of capsule.

The quality of coffee capsules is so good now, that even Michelin starred restaurants use coffee capsules for their customers.

The sales of coffee capsule machines has rocketed with 1.8 million sales in 2008 and 20.7 million in 2018. A study by Euromonitor found that 40 per cent of US households had a coffee capsule machine and a third of British households.

There are three different types of coffee machines available, depending on how you like your coffee.

Pod or capsule machines are the ones to choose if you are always in a rush to get out of the house in the morning. They are more expensive than other machines, but worth the investment if you want high quality coffee at speed.

A bean to coffee machine is when you pour the beans into he machine and then the machine grinds the beans to your requirement (you can choose how fine you want them ground) and then if automatically pours out the drink. It may also have a special arm to froth the milk.

The third type of coffee is a filter coffee machine. This is for people who are not fussy about getting creative with their coffee, they just want their caffeine hit. A filter machines drips water through the coffee beans and into a jug that is kept warm. You can even set a timer, so the coffee is ready for when you want it in a morning as it can be a more time-consuming option.

The reason many people opt for capsule coffee is because it comes out of the machines at the perfect temperature at the press of a button.

How does coffee get into the capsule?

The coffee is pulped, fermented, washed and ground in the country where the beans were grown. The seed is blended and roasted and then it is ground and packaged into the capsule to lock in the flavor and keep the product fresh.

Capsule coffee v instant coffee?

Because the beans are roasted and packaged very quickly to ensure a fresh and flavorsome product, the taste is a more quality and fresher taste than instant coffee, which is why so many people are opting for it.

Instant coffee is the quickest and cheapest coffee around and it has bene on the market for many years and is where many people started their coffee drinking journeys. Instant coffee has been brewed into a concentrated form and then freeze dried to give the powdered coffee you find in a jar. All you do is pop a teaspoon of coffee in a cup, boil the kettle and pour in the water. It is as simple as that. Many people say that instant coffee has a more bitter taste than capsule coffee. This is because different beans are usually used for instant coffee – Robusta beans – and these beans have a more bitter taste to them. One reason why people like instant coffee is that no specialist equipment is needed – just a kettle and a cup.


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