Lola’s Coffee Bags – The Review

As an avid tea drinker i’m always popping the kettle on to make a cuppa. It always seems a hassle to make coffee not to mention taking longer to do with a mess to clean up afterwards! Instant coffee just doesn’t appeal so that’s out. So there we are….an avid tea drinker when at home. Coffee is usually a coffee shop drink so I don’t have the hassle of making it.

Then last week The Speciality Coffee Company contacted me and asked if we would like to try their Lola’s Coffee Bags. Intrigued after a quick search on the internet I said yes please! From the moment the package arrived in the post I knew this was no normal ‘bags’ of coffee! Intrigued I opened it up to find small sachets individually packed.

The instructions on each sachet are clear and simple. Just use like a tea bag basically. Recommended brew time is 3 minutes. All in the cup. No mess, no other machine or device needed. The bag contains ready-ground coffee beans all freshly sealed in the bag for freshness. You can smell the delicious coffee as soon as you tear open the bag.

Pop the tea bag in, add water and allow to brew. Give a gentle stir and squeeze the bag and remove. Done!

What?! That’s it? How simple was that!

The coffee is extremely well rounded. I don’t normally like coffee without milk but trying this one it was beautifully smooth. Described by The Speciality Coffee Company as :

Blend: Sumatra Gayo, Brazilian Arabica, and Indian Robusta

Flavour: Smoky, black pepper

I can already imagine all the situations where these would be perfect not to mention simply at home. Picnics! In the office! Holidays! The options are endless.

Available to purchase in packs as small as 6 bags this means you can easily try them without much cost. We highly recommend giving them a go. Even if you think you’re a coffee shop snob or not…

We’re really impressed and can’t wait to see what other blends they come up with next.


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