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How To Have The Perfect Family Staycation In London

<This is a contributed post> You may not be ready to travel far yet given the COVID-19 restrictions. Therefore, a family staycation may be most suitable and practical for you and your loved ones.

You may have heard about what a staycation is but have never organised one yourself. In this case, it’ll be helpful to read tips for having the perfect family staycation in London and how you can make it memorable and worth your time.

Set A Budget

A wise first step is to treat your staycation as a holiday and trip. Therefore, you should create and follow a budget for your adventures. You want to make sure you have plenty of money set aside and dedicated to what you plan to do in the area. Come up with a budget that’s realistic and affordable for you so you can avoid overspending. A budget will help you determine what you may see and do and how you’ll spend your days.

Find Activities to do

It’s important that if you want your staycation to be fun and enjoyable that you find activities to fill your schedule. Treat it like you’re on a trip and map out an itinerary you can follow and adhere to so you know what you’ll be doing when. It’ll help to do some research based on the time of year and what might be a good fit for family time together. For instance, if it’s the wintertime and holidays then you might want to check out the 10 Places to go Ice Skating in London Christmas 2021. You’ll not only enjoy the lights and festive feel but also be getting some exercise together.

Check Out New Restaurants

You can have the perfect family staycation in London by making sure you stay well-fed. You’ll all be in better moods and have more energy when you take time to eat some meals throughout your days. A staycation is an ideal time to check out some new restaurants in the area or some of the best tea experiences. Be sure to make a reservation if you know the place might be busy and is popular. Read reviews online beforehand to figure out where you may want to go and what type of food you’re interested in trying.

Book Accommodations in the City

You can make your staycation that much more fun and exciting by not sleeping at home during your trip. Instead, book accommodations in the city at a family-friendly hotel or rent an apartment or flat out. Think about what you and your family members may want to have access to or amenities such as a swimming pool, kitchen, fitness center, or balcony. Your staycation will be nothing less than perfect when you make it feel like a true holiday and stay someplace else other than your house.


These tips will help you have the perfect family staycation in London that will be both pleasurable and memorable. Be sure to take a lot of pictures to document your adventures and so you have them to look back on in the future. Most importantly, be present and enjoy spending some quality time with your family members.

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