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5 Kitchen Renovation Mistakes You Should Avoid

<This is a contributed post> When it comes to designing your kitchen, you have a lot of options. You could go for a traditional design with a few modern elements, or you could choose whatever falls in your budget. However, there are a few mistakes people tend to make when renovating their kitchens that can turn into costly “oops” moments down the line.

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Here are some tips on avoiding these common mistakes; save yourself some hassle and be prepared for your next move.

Don’t Make Your Pantry Small

You might think that having a small pantry is the only way to save space on your kitchen countertops, but that’s not always true. You can save yourself some space without sacrificing functionality by incorporating large open shelves in your pantry. It’ll let you maximize your storage—and it will look great, too!

Avoid the Growing Tile Trend

Kitchen tile trends come and go. And most of them are not worth your investment. If you decide to make your kitchen tiles something more than the typical ceramic tiles, make sure it’s a tile you can live with forever because they are costly to replace! Tiles that are not for kitchens cost triple or quadruple full-size kitchen tiles, so be prepared to shell out the cash for them if you want luxury tiles.

Don’t Go for White Cabinets

White cabinets are still a favourite of many homeowners, but this is not the best option to incorporate dark colours in your kitchen. Light-coloured cabinets tend to have poor insulation qualities, which can lead to cold spots in your kitchen. On the plus side, they are easy to clean and affordable, so that’s why it’s considered an acceptable choice for many homeowners. 

Wasted Space with Too Many Sinks

Some homeowners like to incorporate more than one sink in their kitchens for practical purposes. However, professional architects will advise you against making such a mistake if your kitchen is too small.

You might think having just one extra sink is not a big deal, but what happens when it gets broken, or the faucet stops working? And if your overhead cabinets are small, then you’ll have to install all that extra plumbing, which can also be time-consuming and expensive to install.

Appliances or Cabinets, What goes first?

While most homeowners know that appliances go into the wall, some think installing cabinets before adding devices is a great time-saving solution. But this might not be the best idea since you need to figure out where to place your electrical outlets and switches on the wall before working on the cabinets’ layout.

Moreover, you’ll know if there’s enough space to install an appliance or not without compromising the arrangement and the look of your kitchen.


Other than improving the look and feel of your kitchen, one other reason for making renovations is to improve the functionality. One good example is by employing the triangle concept in your kitchen design. It will help you keep close tabs on kitchen space usage.

As a result, you will save money by optimizing the kitchen space to maximize your free-up and use every inch of the room to its best capabilities. If you are looking for more inspiration on making your kitchen better, remember the tips above to ensure you don’t make expensive mistakes down the line.

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