Reviews – The Review were kind enough to send us a sample box of some of their products which they sell and it opened up a whole new world for us investigating food and their ‘best before’ dates. So let’s dive into this a little and look at what this means. Do you actually know the difference between ‘Best Before’, ‘Use By’ and ‘Sell by’ dates? Most people surprisingly don’t and a lot of companies prefer to keep it that way. The only one which we should really pay more attention to is the ‘use by’ date which is usually displayed on food of higher risk of causing issues if eaten. But when we look at most foods they simply have a ‘Best Before’ date. This means exactly as you’d expect. The item is BEST before that date. There is no law around these timelines which companies use for these dates and they come up with various different calculations to come up with them. But essentially the Best Before date is simply the date where upon after which the company cannot guarantee that the food quality, colour or texture would meet their usual standards.

Marks and Spencer’s actually started adding ‘Sell By’ dates in the 1970’s and then as people grew more worried about food safety Use By and Best Before dates started being more widely used. But this led to a massive surge in needless food waste which we had not experienced before this point.

Prepare to be shocked! These timelines vary and can be even longer than this but its usually obvious when something is actually ‘off’.
Chocolate – Depending on the type of chocolate some experts say it is safe up to 2-3 years AFTER the Best Before date!
Canned soups and vegetables: 12-24 months. Once the best-before date is reached the quality may reduce but the food will still be edible.
Rice and pasta: 12-24 months. Store in air-tight containers once opened to extend shelf life.
Flour and sugar: 6-12 months and again transfer to an airtight container once opened.
Some more reading here.
And you can google far more than this. Honestly it is a fascinating rabbit hole and you’ll soon stop throwing away as much food when you start educating yourself on these dates.

Now let’s look at what actually sell. They specialise in short dated or just after best before date food. They sent us a box of a selection of their items and it was a treasure trove of goodies! Some dates still had quite a few months left on them. Some had just passed a month or two ago. I’ve been checking the quality of the items and I am yet to find anything that even appears different in quality than I would expect. Their foods are all checked by their specialist team for quality too which is great. I am a huge advocate for reducing food waste but in the current circumstances the world is going through it is also important for us to consider what we’re spending money on, or more so what we’re wasting money on by throwing away food needlessly. So whether you are wanting to reduce food waste or simply save (quite a lot!) of money then I’d highly encourage you to check out Bargain Brand Food!

Their website also visibly shows you the usual retail price for the item so you can really total up your savings too! They even sell beer and wines!

The beauty of their selection is that it is forever changing. Come back each week for a different selection of items. Sign up to their newsletter to get updates on new stock too.

Lets take a look at what we were sent So many major brands, so many massive savings! Check it out for yourself and see how much you could save on products you usually buy anyway. It’s a no brainer. We’ll be ordering more in the future and look forward to sharing with you again.


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