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Top Tips for Preparing a Move To Edinburgh

<Guest post> From history and culture to cuisine and nightlife, Scotland’s capital Edinburgh has it all. The city is full of beautiful architecture, green spaces and there is always something to do so it’s no wonder that Edinburgh receives over 2 million tourists each year. However, have you been thinking about something more permanent than a visit? Whether for work or study, the capital is a very popular city to move to and with more and more people doing so each year, we have put together our top tips for preparing for your move. Keep reading for everything you need to know.

Edinburgh Castle

Decide what you need to take

As with any move, before taking the plunge to the Scottish capital, you will need to work out what to take with you. Depending on whether your move is long term or short term may help you to do this, for example if you are only moving for a year to study abroad you probably don’t need to take too much with you other than clothing and essentials. If you are moving from a home where you previously owned a lot of items such as furniture and things you may want to keep but aren’t sure of your exact living arrangements yet, a good idea is to look into Edinburgh storage. This gives you some time before you decide what to do on a more long term basis.

Calculate your cost of living

Get even more prepared by calculating your budget and cost of living whilst residing in Edinburgh. Although not known for being an overly expensive place to live, Edinburgh is in fact in the top 24% of the most expensive cities to live in worldwide. Your budget and lifestyle will of course greatly depend on what you decide to do whilst there, whether it be study, work or simply travel. Working out a budget beforehand will help you to put in perspective whether a move is realistic for your situation and if you will have enough spare to enjoy all the city has to offer. This is not to say that it is not possible to live on a budget when in Edinburgh. You could consider a flat share, many attractions are free and often bars and restaurants have great deals.

Choose an area

Choosing an area is one of the most important parts of moving to a new city and can be difficult if you don’t know the place very well. Edinburgh boasts many small neighbourhoods around the city, which have good access to the centre as well as their own amenities and character. Areas such as Leith and Bruntsfield are very up and coming and trendy and so perfect for young movers looking for a vibrant location.

Make connections

Moving to a new city can be daunting, even if you know the place or country fairly well. A nice idea to settle your nerves and make you feel more at home is to join local Facebook groups and community pages. This can give you the chance to connect with locals who perhaps share the same interests as you or even communities who share the same homeland. Who knows this might help you to make a few friends before you even arrive! Edinburgh is a very sociable city with something to suit every taste so be sure to take advantage.

Edinburgh is a great city to both visit and live in as a full time resident. Take your time to research the city and you will be sure to fall in love with it just as many others have before you.


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