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Top 8 expensive foods in the world

<Collaborative Post> Welcome to the world of luxury! One might even say the world of extreme luxury. It turns out that the richest people in the world have not only mansions, cars, or jewels at their disposal. They can also spend thousands or even tens of thousands of quids on… food. What can you expect on a plate or in a glass for such amounts? Edible gold flakes, truffles, caviar, hard-to-reach but sophisticated ingredients, precious stones, and… even more, gold flakes.

Here’s an exclusive (and shocking) list of the most expensive foods served in restaurants around the world. We did not include wines in it because, in the case of particularly valuable vintages, their price can be arbitrarily high.

So, here is a list of the most expensive dishes in the world.

The 8 most expensive foods in the world

1. Da Hong Pao Tea

Da Hong Pao tea grows in the mountains of Wuyi in the northeast of China’s Fujian region. Only three bushes, which provide the leaves for the tea, grow there on a steep rock face. In the meantime, Da Hong Pao tea plants are also cultivated in other places. But only the three plants of the first generation provide the tea that is considered the most expensive food in the world. As a result, hardly anyone is granted the privilege of enjoying it, and only a few grams of the luxury tea are sold at auction every few years.

2. Albino sturgeon caviar

One kilogram of albino sturgeon caviar costs between £13000 and £30000. However, only about 22 pounds of this delicacy are produced each year. The reason: Albino sturgeons are extremely rare. An albino sturgeon only grows in every 20,000 eggs.

3. Bluefin tuna

According to a report by “PBS.ORG,” a specimen of the endangered bluefin tuna weighing 278 kilograms was auctioned in Japan in 2019 for a record price of around £2,389,857.41. That makes the equivalent of around £8500 per kilogram.

Another expensive fish is the Japanese fungu fish. This dish costs £250.

4. White truffle

Luckily, a small portion of truffles is enough to add some flavour to a dish. Because with a kilogram price of around £8000, the white truffle, which is mainly found in Italy, is one of the most expensive foods in the world. For comparison: the price per kilo for black truffles is “only” between £800 and £1700.

5. Beluga caviar

You pay £3200 and more for a kilogram of caviar from Beluga sturgeon, which is also known as “black gold.”

6. Kopi Luwak coffee

The most expensive coffee beans in the world cost about £360 per pound! So, the price knocked you off your feet? Wait until you find out why Kopi Luwak is so expensive.

This coffee comes from Sumatra – an island is known for its coffee plantations. However, its production requires more than just the right soil, sunlight, and humidity. Kopi Luwak wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for civets, small raccoon-like mammals. What are these animals doing to make this coffee so valuable?

Civets seek out the best coffee beans, eat them and… excrete them gently fermented almost intact. So, it’s safe to say that the most expensive coffee in the world is made from excrement.  But take it easy! Before it can be brewed, it is cleaned and subjected to the traditional process of coffee processing, i.e., roasting and then grinding.

7. Kona Nigari water

You have to pay from about £150 to even £230 for a litre of this water. No wonder this rarity is considered the most expensive water in the world.

You’re probably wondering why it’s so highly regarded. The secret lies in the method of obtaining Kona Nigari and its properties. This water is a kind of a mixture of algae concentrated and desalinated, purified water from the ocean depths in the region of Hawaii. Kona Nigari relieves stress and helps in slimming. Importantly, it cannot be drunk directly from the bottle. It is highly mineralized and should be diluted with normal water.

8. To’ak Chocolate

You pay £45 for a mini bar of 50 grams of this fine chocolate, whose cocoa beans grow in the jungle of Ecuador. If you wanted to consume a whole kilogram of it, you would have to shell out £900 for it.

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