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Our Worktop Dilemma

A few weeks ago we wrote an article about a worktop dilemma
we faced when trying to pick a new worktop for the island unit in our kitchen.
This got us thinking, well actually it just put me in the mood to modernize
other parts of our kitchen to make it appear like a new kitchen. Whether that was done by adding some fancy wall decals or re-painting the walls, I wanted to make a few changes to the kitchen. Not to show off necessarily, but because I was a bit bored of our current finishes. My
focus, therefore, fell on splashbacks and knobs – yes it’s all in the finishing
So I started scouring the web and Pinterest, Instagram and
just about everywhere else one gets inspiration Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets
but were instantly dubious. We didn’t really want new kitchen cabinets exactly,
but we decided to see what all the fuss was about. But before getting new cabinets, we had to call an emergency plumber to sort out our sink. But it’s all good now. Back to the cabinets- It turns out that thiscompany also has a wonderful selection of kitchen accessories! So the browsing
began and went on and on for several days. Bookmarking at least 10 different
knob styles in the process, we eventually narrowed our selection down and made
a choice. We decided to go for a modern twist on a traditional design, the Queslett
Cup Brass with Polished Nickel Finish, which reminded me of a modern industrial
look. They also stock the matching knobs, which is great.

for interior design. The only
criterion we had was that we wanted the knobs to be British made, we’re all
about buying British where possible. Also, we would love something we knew was
handmade and not mass produced in some factory somewhere. We came across some
reviews for a company called

We thought that was the shopping trip over,
until we discovered they also sell glass splashbacks! We resisted all temptation to
go for the bright magenta colour splashback and instead went for the red, which
we thought would brighten up and modernise the kitchen without being too harsh
on the eyes! We didn’t understand the importance of splashbacks until we got
this one installed behind one of our units. It really makes a difference and
isn’t too difficult to swap with another colour after a few years for a change.
This probably isn’t the end of our kitchen decorating spree so stay tuned.
Picture from their website as our red splashback isn’t installed just yet.


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