Minor Figures Cold Brew Coffee

We don’t often get drinks sent to us to try. But when Minor Figures offered to send some of their new range of cold brew coffees we couldn’t resist. Minor Figures Cold Brew Coffee is brewed using the cold brew method, obviously. If you are not familiar with this method it is a fascinating way to really extract coffees best flavour without making it bitter in the process. We have learned a variety of different ways to brew coffee, giving us that rich, smooth taste of the coffee bean we so enviously enjoy (Click here
to learn more). So, when the idea of the Cold Brew coffee came around, we couldn’t let it go by without taking a sip.

Minor Figures Cold Brew Coffee


So what is cold brew coffee?

Now don’t be confused with iced coffees and cold brew coffees. They are totally different. Minor Figures makes their cold brew coffee using cold filtered water or organic milk and in-season single origin coffee beans. This means that the Minor Figures drink you have today might differ a little from the flavour of the one you try next month if they are using a different in-season single origin coffee. We love this idea! Minor Figures ethically sources their coffee from Kyoto, where cold brew coffee vendors have plied their trade since the 15th century.

Lets have a look at what flavours are currently available.


Minor Figures Cold Brew Coffee


Cold Brew Coffee Black

This is the original cold brew coffee from Minor Figures. (we all have to start somewhere!). This is for the hardcore coffee lovers. It is just amazing quality single origin coffee and water. Keeping it simple. This batch is made using Guatemalan coffee from the Karatu District of north eastern Tanzania is used. Full of freshness and citrus – a really vibrant cold brew!



Cold Brew Coffee with Milk (Organic)

This cold brew coffee is brewed for 18 hours with only the best organic whole milk with just a pinch of unrefined sugar. This is really important to us, no nasty processed sugar or additives. The current batch, a rich and round Guatemalan coffee from the Huehuetenango and El Quiche regions is used.?Has a rich, bright and ultra smooth flavour.



Cold Brew Coffee with Chocolate (Organic)

This coffee is brewed in filtered water overnight with cocoa nibs. A little pinch of Scottish sea salt adds a great final touch to this drink. This makes for a super rich and indulgent coffee drink that is just perfect for those who love a mocha flavour. The current batch uses Guatemalan coffee from the Huehuetenango and El Quiche regions.?A rich, complex and indulgent flavour.



Cold Brew Coffee with Coconut Milk (Organic and non-dairy)

Introducing our favourite of the bunch. We love coconut in everything. This cold brew coffee is blended with organic coconut milk and coconut sugar from Sri Lanka. The current batch uses a rich and round Guatemalan coffee from the Huehuetenango and El Quiche regions. This cold brew has a wonderful slight hint of toasted nuts and fresh coconut. Make sure to serve this one ice cold. And if you want absolute luxury, in a glass with ice. Wow!




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