MuscleFood – Meat Hamper Review

If you’re not already aware of MuscleFood they are an online company where you can buy large packs of meat or hampers of meat all delivered straight to your door. Very convenient!! But there is more. Their company ethos and values make them standout from the rest, and from most supermarkets.

All of their meats come from reputable farms with animal welfare are all met. Reflected in the quality of meat we sell, their British and Irish beef is all sourced from farms where the cattle have been reared outside in their natural environment and fed on their natural diet – such as grass – for some of their lives. They add no added water or salt and they guarantee you more natural protein and nutrition for your pound. In a time where every penny truly counts this is fantastic on every level right down to it being amazing value.

All their meat is prepared on the day of dispatch and delivered fresh to your door using the latest in vacuum packing, insulated boxes and hydrated ice sheets you can use our meats on the day they arrive, or freeze them for later. Ours has always arrived the day after it has been dispatched and the ice packs are still frozen solid.

How is it so discounted?

The reason they can provide you the greatest gourmet meats at the best prices possible is because we cut out the supermarkets. That way they ensure you’re getting the best of the best at wholesale prices. While not having to go to the supermarket and struggle to find what meat is on offer that week or what is completely out of stock in the supermarkets.

For a while MuscleFood stopped delivering to Northern Ireland which made us sad, but to celebrate them relaunching here they were kind enough to send us one of our favourite offers they have on at the moment. Buy one lean hamper & get two hampers for 1p. You read that correctly. 1p. As in ONE PENNY. Yes its probably all marketing, they’re still making money but this offer still gets you an amazing amount of meat for the price. So let’s look inside the box!

So for this offer like we have said above it is a Lean Hamper and then two further hampers for 1p each.

In the main box you have:

Premium Chicken Breast Fillets – 2.5kg
The Heritage Range™ Rump Steaks – 2 x 170g
Beef Steak Mince – 200g
Horseshoe Gammon Steaks 2 x 198g
Beef Meatballs – 350g
Lean Pork Sausages – 12 x 33g
2 x Low Fat Unsmoked Bacon Medallions – 10 x 30g

In the first 1p box you have:

BBQ Chicken Steaks – 2 x 140g
Beef Steak Mince – 200g
Beef Meatballs – 350g
Diced Chicken Breast in a Piri Piri Marinade – 225g

In the first 1p box you have:

Beef Steak Burgers – 2 x 114g
2 x Prime Pork Loin Steak – 100g
Beef Steak Burgers – 2 x 114g
Cumberland Sausages – 12 x 33g

You can see just some of our delivery here!


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