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Happy Halloween from BakingBar

Halloween is a time of the year steeped in tradition and history, conjuring up thoughts of ghosts and ghouls. But there is a lot lot more to Halloween than that!

There are literally thousands of traditions and superstitions which span almost all countries and cultures around the world, none more so than Ireland. Being from Northern Ireland we are going to tell you some of the Irish traditions that have been passed down through generations of many Irish families.

It is thought that Halloween in Ireland was first celebrated by the Celts who referred to it as Samhain, which in modern Irish language has actually come to mean November. It was believed that during this time the dead revisit this world. To celebrate this they had feasts, the ‘Feast of the Dead’.

During the 8th Century Samhain became known as All Hallows which was the 1st of November. The evening before therefore became known as All Hallows Eve, or as we know it now Halloween.

This Halloween we have stocked up with sweets and goodies from Marks and Spencer’s Halloween 2014 range and boy do they have some scary treats to spook you!
We were first spooked by the Coffin Box filled with jellies. What first seems like a cardboard sweet box opens to reveal a spooky creaky door sound! Great for the kids.
If you want something a little ghoulish why not try the Scary Skulls, Pumpkin Jellys or the plump fluffy Skull Mallows!


If you want to recall your childhood memories why not try these sheets of spooky jellies or the Ghost Biscuit!


Happy Halloween from BakingBar. Mwhahahaha!!


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