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Our Kitchen From The Future

At BakingBar we are always keen to keep up to date with new technology especially if it can help us in the kitchen. I don’t think anyone can deny that most kitchen appliances have moved on leaps and bounds in the past few years with recent appliances being even more technological including wifi connection and smart capabilities. You just have to visit an appliance review site similar to to see what others are saying about them. So this is an article detailing our new kitchen from the future.

Over the past few months we have been trying out a new appliance which has truly changed our lives. We rarely ever go this far when describing a products impact on our lives but it truly has changed things for the better. We take recommending products extremely seriously and this has us extremely impressed.

We have been testing and using the Neato Botvac 85 in our house and kitchen for the past 3 months and the effect it has had on us is astounding. Whether you’re a busy mum/dad, student or just plain busy the Botvac is a simply amazing device.

We keep a very clean home, and as you can imagine an immaculate kitchen. We were searching for the best robot vacuum on the market for a while before we bought this. And we’re super happy with it! For this reason we were astounded, almost embarrassed when the Botvac returned from its first ‘mission’ around our home. It’s wonderfully spacious dirt bin was packed with dust, crumbs and other general home debris. Where did it find all this? We own a big brand name upright vacuum which we believed lifted all the dirt but our Botvac tells us otherwise!

We decided to name our Botvac ‘Crumbs’ after its contents of its dirt bin on its first run, and for the fact that in a busy kitchen this was going to be its most common enemy. We can’t help but bake and eat plenty of cake in our home.

When you think of a robot vacuum you picture a gimmick appliance that performs no better than a glamorised kids toy but the Neato Botvac is stunningly different and will change every belief you have about the world of robot vacuums. It’s suction power is astoundingly good, in fact it has more suction power than any other robot vacuum and we believe more than most conventional vacuums! That combined with its specially designed ‘blades’ which are essentially the brush bristles which turn to pick up the debris and direct it into the vacuums path. These come in two types, both which you get with the vacuum package. These are easily interchangeable and come in the form of the ‘combi brush’ which is designed for homes with multiple floor surfaces, designed to reduce noise and most importantly designed to pick up even stubborn pet hair. Something we find essential in our house with our new kitten. Who, we would like noted is actually very fond of this robot vacuum, she follows it around with interest. This brush combines both bristles with rubber ‘blades’. This brush we have attached all the time as its perfect for our home with multiple floor types and pets. The other brush is simply called the ‘blade brush’ and comprises of just the rubber blades. Brilliant if your home comprises of just hard flooring. Why not visit to get a product like this yourself!

The ‘combi brush’ works absolute wonders at keeping the carpets spotless, and we mean spotless! It’s now a pleasure to wake up in the morning or come home from work to find fresh Botvac ‘tracks’ in our carpet and the Botvac safely returned to its charging base. Yep we forgot to mention one of our favourite features is you can schedule the Botvac to do your dirty work whenever suits you or you can manually press a button on the robot to set it to work. Another ‘Neato’ feature with Botvac is that it has its own home, which acts as a charging station. This takes the form of a panel which sits nearly on the floor against a wall and plugged into mains power. Your Botvac will automatically leave AND return home to its base station automatically either when it finishes work or needs a quick re-charge to finish what it was doing. Magic! We’re pretty sure its not actual magic but we dont know all the details of the amazing science behind it other than the fact it scans your rooms with an invisible laser built into the dome on its top, assesses the size and shape of the room and whether there are any major obstacles and then plans its route, adjusting accordingly if something or someone ventures into its path.

Our kitchen floor has never looked cleaner and I thought it was already spotless but the fact is that the Botvac is so smart it find dirt in the places we humans miss. Whether its crumbs or flour right against the kickboards or some dirt under a chair or table our faithful Neato Botvac finds it all.

The Neato Botvac 85 has become one of the most regularly
used household appliances in our home. We do prize ourselves as having a smart
home however the Neato is so intelligent itself that it requires very little
knowledge of how it works. You can simply let it get on with its business and
you get on with yours.


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